Courthouse / Town Hall Security

Courtrooms and Town Halls can be home to raised tempers and sudden violence and the quicker an alert can be issued, the quicker a resolution can be forthcoming.  Many times, deploying a traditional hard-wired duress solution is extremely difficult and expensive.  Our Guardian repeaters are completely wireless requiring no cabling and no A/C power. Installation is simple and inexpensive. Additional repeaters can be installed at any time to increase coverage, cover new additions, or even extend coverage to outdoor areas or between buildings.

courthouse security


The TTI Guardian is a completely wireless duress system that lets court staff quickly, discreetly and wirelessly alert bailiffs, officers or others that there is trouble in the courtroom. A simple button press on the wireless call fob or two way pager sends a message over the Guardian wireless repeater network to an individual or group providing not only the identity of who triggered the alarm, but also their location. The faster an alert can be sent, the quicker a resolution can come about, and the TTI Guardian delivers instantly.

town hall security

Town Hall

With the TTI Guardian, municipal staff can quickly and discreetly summon help by the push of the duress alarm button on either the call fob or two way pager. A message is then automatically generated and sent to the security or police providing not only the identity, but also the location of the alert. The Guardian can help prevent bad situations from turning worse.

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