Detention Centers

The TTI Guardian can provide a personal wireless duress button for corrections officers and staff. A quick button press can alert others of a duress situation, including the name and location of the officer or staff member who triggered the alarm security system.  Additionally man-down and no response alarms can address a worst case scenario where a staff member is incapacitated.

man down alarm

Beyond a simple duress button

Those working in detention centers are facing extremely dangerous situations every time they go to work. TTI Guardian goes beyond a single method of alert.  A simple button press will automatically raise an alarm providing staff with the identity and location of the individual who triggerred the alarm.  However, in the event a staff member is incapacitated, a manual button press is no longer an option.  This is why a man down alarm or no response alarm can be their best options. These alarms can automatically be generated in the event the unit goes to a prone position or there is no response for a pre-determined amount of time.


Completely Wireless

TTI Guardian systems are 100% wireless requiring no cabling and no A/C power and are designed to run for over two years before a simple battery change. Secure enclosures can be installed around the repeaters to prevent vandalism or safety concerns. In addition, there are no monthly airtime or recurring charges as with wireless carriers with central station monitoring.

Keep your detention center staff safe with TTI Guardian.

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