Healthcare Facilities Security

The TTI Guardian is a wireless duress system and two-way paging system designed to provide assistance at the touch of a button.

Additionally, in a situation where a staff member is incapacitated, our man down or no-response alarms can automatically send a message providing name and location in the event the pager or call fob is tilted beyond a certain level or there is no response from a worker in a pre-determined amount of time.

healthcare facilitates security

Staff Security

In the event of a disorderly patient or medical emergency a staff member simply needs to press the duress alarm button on their two way pager or wireless call fob and a message will be automatically sent to an individual or group of pagers providing not only who triggered the alarm, but also their location. The time saved in delivering this information can be the difference between a minor incident and a major one. Acknowledgement messages can even be sent directly back to the individual that triggered the alert so they know assistance is on the way. 

healthcare facilitates security

Patient and Visitor Security

Psychiatric units, Emergency Departments and more can be areas of increased aggression and violence within a healthcare facility.  Incidents not only put staff members at risk, but can oftentimes jeopardize other patients and visitors.  At the first sign of an incident a staff member simply needs to press the duress alarm button and additional staff are instantly notified, thereby bringing about a quicker resolution to the problem.

Protect everyone inside your healthcare facilities with TTI Guardian.

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