School Security systems

The Guardian duress alarm from TTI is an on-site wireless Personal Security and Emergency Notification System designed to be quickly installed in any school security system, anywhere. Small and discreet, yet full of the features needed to help keep schools safe and secure, the Guardian uses advanced technology to deliver results.

school security systems

Alarms Provide Location and User Information

In the event of a security issue or alarm in the school, a staff member simply presses the duress alarm button on their personal call fob or two-way pager. A message is then automatically sent over the Guardian wireless repeater network to the Hub. The alarm information is then sent to other individuals on the duress system providing both the identity AND the location from where the alarm was triggered. This allows the response teams or security personnel to not only know who they are looking for, but also where they are located. A great addition to any school security system.

school security systems

Advanced Group Notifications

Through networked software, or from the web-based Hub browser, group messages can be sent to multiple two-way pagers on the school security system. The sender also has the option of requesting acknowledgments back.

This eliminates the guesswork of whether a message was received or not. Emergency messages such as lock-down, evacuation orders, weather advisories, medical assistance and more can be quickly and discreetly delivered to the pagers. No more need to overhead page for sensitive announcements, potentially causing panic and confusion. The system can also be used for routine messaging such as staff meetings, visitor announcements, morale messaging and more. Also, since the alarm system is wireless, the messages are delivered to staff no matter where they are in the school. Outdoor enclosures can even extend the coverage to playgrounds, parking lots and athletic fields.

school security systems

Completely Wireless

With existing school security systems wired duress systems are time-consuming and expensive to install. The Guardian repeaters are wireless panic alarms, requiring no cabling and no A/C power. Designed to run for over two years before the standard alkaline batteries need to be replaced, installation is simple and inexpensive. Both the two-way pager with personal safety alarm and the call fob operate on a long life AAA battery. The only powered component of the entire panic alarm system is the Hub, which even comes with a battery back-up in the event of a power failure. In addition, there are no monthly airtime or recurring charges as with wireless carriers.

Start protecting your school and everyone inside.

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