Protecting Your Manufacturing Employees

How To Protect Your Manufacturing Employees


Manufacturing facilities can present numerous concerns for lone workers. Noisy environments along with multiple areas that are out of view from other staff can put workers at risk if there is an
incident that requires assistance.

Manufacturing employees are at the highest risk for being injured on the job. It's important to eliminate as much risk as possible by installing a alarm system that protects your lone workers. 

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manufacturing security

Manufacturing Security

  • A simple button press alerts the response team that there is a duress situation. 
  • Location information guides the response team to the exact location, thereby eliminating wasted time spent searching for an individual in trouble.
  • If a worker becomes incapacitated, the man-down alarm will activate and provide the response team with location and type of alarm information.
  • The third alarm is an optional no-response alert. The system Hub can periodically poll the pendant or pager of the lone worker, and send a response in the event the queries are not acknowledged.


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