Advantage 750

Advantage 750

The Advantage 750 Voice and Alphanumeric Display Pager


  1. Reversible top read alphanumeric display
  2. Up to five stored voice messages of 20 seconds each
  3. Eight level volume control
  4. Multiple alerts with special emergency alert tone for codes
  5. Eight programmable addresses
  6. Available in wideband (25khz) and narrowband (12.5khz) variants
  7. Voice and alphanumeric messages with a single page
  8. Easy to read backlit lcd display
  9. Hands free message display and audible notification
  10. Easy to use
  11. Built-in vibrate
  12. Message time stamping
  13. Supports free text and pre-formatted messages
  14. Ideal for group notifications of code and trauma teams, ert, and public safety workers
  15. Ideal notification device for visually impaired
  • Illumination White backlit LCD
  • Capacity Single line 14 character
  • Message length Up to 120 characters
  • 120 seconds voice storage with 5 partitions
  • 8 cap codes
  • 8 level volume control
  • Multitone MK VI or VII code format
  • Lanyard and grip-tight clip included
  • Optional charger and NiCad battery
  • Optional Intrinsically Safe variant
Frequency range 138-174 MHz 406-470 MHz
Channel spacing
10/12.5/25 kHz
Sensitivity:- Best position- 8 position avg. 10µV/m14µV/m 14µV/m25µV/m
Intermod. Rejection 60dB 55dB
Adjacent channel 55dB 55dB
Spurious Rejection >=55dB >=55dB
Image Rejection >=55dB >=55dB


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