Why Enterprise Companies are Relying More on The Cloud

Less IT Infrastructure to Maintain

As big data becomes more prevalent, companies need more storage capacity for less money. The cloud is an ideal alternative.

IT infrastructure is a considerable expense in most enterprises, and the cloud is an excellent way to provide reliable services in an affordable way, without over-burdening the IT staff. Purchasing cloud services prevents companies from having to invest in new hardware, software, networking capabilities, monitoring solutions, and maintenance before the new stuff even proves its value to the organization. Without the cloud, many of these initiatives would rack up significant charges and never produce any ROI.

Greater Speed to Deployment

When the business needs a new application, they need it quickly. Delaying delivery of a critical business app is often the very reason that users turn to shadow IT to get things done. With the cloud, the IT department can get software and apps deployed faster so that the tools can begin benefiting the organization faster.

A Higher Level of Security (Yes, Higher)

Your enterprise isn’t likely a team of security experts. You probably specialize in retail or manufacturing or some other industry that is wholly unrelated to security. Cloud vendors are, by nature, security specialists. In fact, their entire organization lives or dies by how well they are able to provide their customers with business network security. This means that they are in a far better position to secure your sensitive customer and corporate data than you are.

An Excellent Testing Environment

Testing environments in the enterprise get expensive as projects are ramped up, tested, and deployed — or, ramped up, tested, and inevitably scrapped. The cloud provides a low-cost testing environment so that companies can afford to be innovative, even when hardware, memory, and other resources are expensive or hard to come by.

Solid Disaster Recovery Solution

The cloud is an important piece of the disaster recovery puzzle, providing an affordable backup solution that is physically separated from any of the disasters that might befall your primary systems.

Disaster recovery is critical to the business’ ability to survive all sorts of potential events, including a large-scale data breach, natural disaster, act of terror, accidental fire, or other tragedy. Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) is an affordable, convenient way to provide offsite backup storage that can be quickly and easily restored in the event of a disaster. Cloud-based disaster recovery is one of the most popular SaaS services in the enterprise.

These are just a few of the many opportunities the cloud holds for the enterprise, but they are some of the strongest driving factors in cloud acceptance among large organizations. Would you like to learn more about the networking solutions available to your enterprise? Request a quote today.

By Craig Badrick

December 22, 2015

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