Why Petrochemical Companies Need Networking Solutions

As companies in the petrochemical space incorporate big data and cloud computing into their networking infrastructures while employing leaner remote teams, they must invest in robust, custom networking solutions.

There was a time when remote worksites like offshore oil rigs were completely cut off from the outside world. Massive staffs of on-site operators using two-way radios and siloed IT systems made the critical decisions that kept everything safe, secure, and productive.

Today, fast, powerful IT solutions have enabled lean-staffed and even unmanned remote petrochemical worksites to function with ever-greater efficiency, and security. Off-site command centers can now make critical safety and operational decisions by leveraging robust information systems, big data, and cloud computing to monitor and run remote operations with unprecedented speed.

But as physical and digital security standards rise and the entire industry moves toward leanness and automation at increasingly remote worksites, the demand for effective wireless networking infrastructure has never been more urgent.


Networking Challenges at Petrochemical Companies

Offshore and remote petrochemical worksites present a host of communications challenges.

First off, the dangerous nature of the work and high product values both indicate that the stakes for operators are tremendously high, and that networks have zero room for error. In short, they need to function as intended every time, without fail.

Second, petrochemical worksites must meet unique and stringent security requirements, as they constitute high-level national security risks and make tempting targets for cybercriminals.

Third, they must solve the inherent problem of providing adequate communications coverage to remote locations where pre-existing IT infrastructure is limited or completely absent.

And fourth, these sites require an extreme amount of bandwidth to transfer massive amounts of data to and from remote operations that deploy thousands of diverse devices, including everything from laptops and computers, to oxygen sensors, to security cameras.

The emergence of BYOD and a younger workforce that demands connectivity — even if it’s just to keep in touch with friends and family — only amplifies the challenges the petrochemical industry poses for IT providers.


Meeting the Challenge: A Qualified Partner

Only an IT provider that combines extensive experience in challenging wireless deployments with the most up-to-date security expertise can effectively meet the industry’s exceedingly high standards for both connectivity and security.

At Turn-key Technologies (TTI), we don’t just know networking — we have a deep understanding of the petrochemical sector in particular. With more than a dozen professional certifications and an A-rating from ISNetworld, TTI’s qualified staff can be relied on to remain compliant with the physical safety requirements of petrochemical facilities.

In addition to ongoing networking education, TTI engineers are credentialed with extensive workplace safety training, current OSHA regulations, and a deep knowledge of the challenging conditions and safety expectations found on petrochem worksites.

Our team has successfully installed networking solutions for hundreds of clients in challenging environments. We possess the in-house capabilities to deliver on the most challenging IT applications in refineries, high-density spaces, and remote locations, and maintain superior compliance with petrochem worksite regulations.

By partnering with TTI, petrochemical companies can rest easy knowing critical offsite operations are supported by a safe, secure network infrastructure.

By Tony Ridzyowski

June 22, 2018

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