Wired and Wireless, the Best of Both Worlds

Many business owners believe that when setting up a network in your office, you have to pick between wired and wireless deployments. This is completely false. The fact of the matter is that it is only an “either/or” decision if you choose to make it one. By installing both a wired and a wireless network in your office that are designed to work together and complement one another, you get the best of both worlds. The advantages of one will also go a long way towards making up for some perceived deficiencies in the other.

Wired Networks

One of the major benefits of a wired network is that it is reliable. You don’t have to worry about a signal suddenly dropping out or speeds degrading the farther away you or your employees move from an access point. So long as a computer or other device is connected via an Ethernet cable, you will enjoy the same speeds if you are one or one hundred feet away from the network’s source.

Wired networks are also completely interference free thanks to the presence of an Ethernet cable. With a wireless network you have to worry about things like radio interference from other wireless devices that are using the same transmission channel, Bluetooth, microwaves and other sources of interference.

Other benefits of a wired network include a high life expectancy. With wireless equipment you need to upgrade every few years to take advantage of new Wi-Fi protocols. This is not something you have to worry about with a wired network. Wired networks are also full duplex, which means that the transmission goes equally fast in both directions at the same time. They are also secure, as you don’t have to worry about someone sharing a password for a wired network and gaining access to all of your important business documents.

Wireless Networks

Wireless networks also bring with them their own unique set of benefits for the world of business. In addition to the fact that you can go anywhere with a mobile device and still connect to the network and Internet, they offer more options such as coverage outdoors, in large venues, and other areas where running network ethernet cables are impractical or impossible. A high number of devices can be connected at one time and the networks are scalable – you can add or remove devices in seconds. With multiple encryption options and built-in firewalls, wireless networks are also very secure.

By installing both a wired and a wireless network in your business, you get to enjoy all of the benefits that each offers. More than that, you get literally none of the downsides. The disadvantages of a wireless network will be canceled out by the wired network and vice versa, affording you access to every technological advancement that you need to run the business you’ve always dreamed of.

Talk to a TTI expert to help you figure out if a wired or wireless network would work best for your company.

By Craig Badrick

October 15, 2015

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