By: Craig Badrick on November 20th, 2015


Pushing for Increased Security on College Campuses


security on college compusesA decade ago, an active shooter on a school campus would have dominated the news for weeks on end. Most people in the nation would have known the story and likely been able to name details of the event. Today, it seems like the news of one school shooting merely blends into the other. School shootings aren't the only thing administrators have to worry about, either. Campus rapes, political activism, and severe weather are just a few of the horrors today's colleges need to be prepared for. Here are some tools that college campuses can use to increase security and mitigate risk. 

Why College Campuses Need Duress Alarms

Campuses also have to be prepared for the "minor emergencies" that are far more common, like people who fall down stairs, have a heart attack, or experience a sudden and severe allergic reaction.  

Duress alarm systems are an easy, fast, reliable way to issue instant notifications in the event of a sudden and urgent campus emergency. These alarms are ideal for alerting those on campus, as well as first responders, of events like an active shooter or other criminal activity.

Duress alarms are ideal for coordinating responses to an event, managing situations when the school is on lock-down, and when evacuation of a particular building or the entire campus is necessary. Duress alarms give the staff and student body peace of mind, and can mean the difference in parents feeling comfortable enough to trust a school with the safety and well-being of their child.

Why College Campuses Need Camera Systems

One out of every four women who attend college will become a victim of sexual assault. The right security system can deter this hideous crime and help prosecute those who victimize these women.  

Camera systems not only help catch a perpetrator after a crime is committed, the very presence of a security camera can deter crime and misbehavior in the first place. Cameras can assist first responders and administrators in evacuating the campus quicker and more efficiently, and deliver real-time information to security teams and first responders when a dangerous situation is unfolding.

They can also be used in conjunction with facial recognition software to identify a perpetrator or a victim. Cameras are ideal for restricted areas on campus, such as loading docks, labs and faculty-only areas. These tools can also be monitored from mobile devices, making it far easier to manage a situation in real-time.

The situations that can occur on a college campus are diverse in nature, but have one thing in common. These issues all call for duress alarm systems and security camera systems that allow school officials and emergency responders to coordinate their emergency responses, manage evacuations or lock-downs, and keep everyone on campus as safe as possible.

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