Lone Worker Alarms

Lone workers are a concern for many businesses and industries.  The need to protect workers who are alone for extended periods of time represents a fiscal challenge if it requires a buddy system to be implemented.  The TTI Guardian allows your lone workers to work in areas of the facility out of sight and earshot of other staff, while still having assistance on the way at the push of a button or the activation of a man-down, no-response alarm or lone worker alarms.


Labs can be a very dangerous place for lone workers. Chemicals, fumes, odd work hours and more can all add to the risk of being alone in a laboratory environment. 

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Manufacturing facilities can present numerous concerns for lone workers.  Noisy environments along with multiple areas that are out of view from other staff can put workers at risk if there is an incident that requires assistance.

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Maintenance workers often find themselves alone in areas of the facility.  Their job requires them to access areas that are typically not home to everyday personnel such as roofs, HVAC systems, boiler rooms,etc.

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