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To stay competitive in the higher education arena, you must be able to deliver accessible, fast and reliable connectivity in a secure environment that doesn’t put the institution or its users at risk. Students and faculty expect to be able to connect from anywhere, at any time, using any device.

When you partner with TTI to develop an optimized network approach, there’s no need to sacrifice “free love” or security at your campus. We’ll help you ensure a high-performing and highly secure network, making education a properly connected experience. 

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Turn-key Technologies, Inc. was incorporated in 1991 and has been a leader in networking, communications and security since our inception. 

We continue to lead the industry with our agnostic and best-of-breed approach that takes the customer's needs into account above all else. 

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"Ours was a difficult installation as it necessitated working with three local governments, all with their own regulations on permitting, approvals and inspection. Throughout the project all of the principals with whom we have dealt have been completely professional and supportive."

Douglas Hedges
Dean of Information Technology Services, Atlantic Cape Community College

"We chose this solution after careful consideration of other options and have come to rely on its ease of use, practicality and above all else the easy adoption by our staff. It has become a valued safety measure we provide our team. TTI was professional and extremely accommodating to all of our needs and continues to be a valued partner."

Amy Olsen
Administrative Services Office II County of San Luis Obispo Behavioral Health

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