Paging Systems and Transmitters

Paging Systems & Transmitters

TTI offers a complete line of modular, high availability and fully redundant paging terminals designed to support your critical paging needs.  Our solutions support voice, alphanumeric, and numeric pagers.  Combine an Enterprise Paging System with one of our Evolution Series high powered paging transmitters for end to end reliability and performance.

TTI has designed and installed large scale paging solutions in 48 US States, Japan, Qatar, S. Korea, Guam and more.  We offer full design, installation and support services including service contracts with 24x7x365 coverage.


Enterprise 3000 Paging Systems

Modular design allows system to be fitted to each application. Additional interfaces may be added to the paging systems as needs and growth dictate.

Interfaces with Nurse Call Systems, Alarm Panels, SCADA and PLC Systems, E-mail and Voice Mail Systems, Telemetry Equipment, Telephone Systems, and more.

Ideal system for hospitals and industrial facilities that can use the many features of the paging system to improve communication and increase productivity.

Compatible with networked messaging software. Enable alphanumeric messaging from any PC on the WAN or LAN to on site, wide area or 2-way alphanumeric pagers, mobile phones, tablets and more.

Features Include:

Up To 5000 Users
Up To 100 Teams
Windows Based, Networked Management and Messaging Software
4 Priority Levels
Up To 20 Telephone Interfaces With Voice Prompts
Numeric, Alphanumeric and Voice Pagers Supported
Multiple Operator Control Units
Multiple Protocols and Interfaces Including TAP, Espa 4.4.4 and Dect
Wide Area Paging Dialout Through Terminal
Networked Alphanumeric Messaging Software
Link Remotely To Other Facilities


Evolution Transmitters

  • VHF and UHF paging transmitters
  • Power from 50 watts to 500 watts
  • VHF 150-170 MHz and UHF 406-470 MHz
  • Both wideband and NTIA approved narrowband available
  • Modular design for easy service
  • Field programmable and remote diagnostics
  • Link receiver available both wide and narrowband
  • Simulcast capable with stability to .0002 ppm
  • Hot-standby and auto switchover capable
  • GPS synchronization
  • -30 to +60 operating temperature

Transmitter Control Options

  • Direct Wireline
  • Radio Link
  • TCP/IP
  • VoIP
  • Microwave
  • Single Site
  • Zoned
  • Multi-Site Simulcast with GPS Timings

Enterprise 7000 Paging System

Features Included:


  • Database capacity from 100 to over 1 million users.
  • Pager numbers may be from 1 to 10 digits in length and is expandable for special or international applications.
  •  Search any or all records, any or all fields, print to file, disk, or printer.
  • Trunk Statistics, Software and Hardware Alarm Report Logs. Encoder Output Statistics and Data Analyzer, Network Traffic Statistics.
  • System usage totals for each Subscriber record for each of the following categories: Calls, Hold Time, Pages Sent, Characters Sent, and Overdial Access Call Counts.


  • Supports the use of a variety of pager types both Numeric (digits only) and Alphanumeric (text message).
  • Supports industry standard paging formats such as FLEXTM, POCSAG or Golay and can mix them on the same channels.
  • The Enterprise 7000 also supports voice paging using popular 2 Tone, 5/6 Tone and Golay pagers.
  • Voice Messaging
  • Optional integrated voice message system to store voice messages that are received over the telephone trunk lines for specific system users.


  • Optional integrated Internet/Intranet network messaging for Email (SMTP), SNPP and Web Page (HTTP) protocols. Messages received from the Ethernet network can be sent to alphanumeric pagers, out to other networked systems or back out using SMTP or SNPP. Any message received by the system can be sent out using multiple protocols and methods of delivery.


  • Based on a commercial, industrial version of a PC designed for professional computer applications.
  • Designed for systems requiring high-reliability paging environments.
  • Redundant on-line power supply options offer protection against system failure.
  • Optional RAID 1 mirrored hard disk drives protect against system failure.
  • Optional redundant system configurations with hot-standby switching and automatically synchronized user database and voicemail messages.


  • Software functions are performed in a multi-tasking, multi-threaded operating system environment using a system master CPU and distributed microprocessors on each function card.
  • Microsoft’s Windows Operating System provides the routine data clocking and communications functions between software and hardware modules. It also provides a familiar User Interface and network connectivity for TCP/IP and Ethernet.

Telephony Interface

  • The telephone line interface (Telco trunks) supports Analog and T1/E1 digital circuits in a single physical chassis. Systems can be networked together for expanded capacity.
  • Network
  • The Ethernet network also provides remote access for subscriber programming and maintenance support.

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