By: Craig Badrick on May 9th, 2017


TTI Named One of CIO Review’s Most Promising Wireless Solution Providers


As wireless networks become a necessity at organizations in every industry across the globe, solution providers are challenged to meet the evolving needs of technology professionals and enterprise leaders everywhere. Knowledge, expertise and innovation are critical in this industry, and some providers are standing out among the crowd -- delivering solutions that transform business, healthcare, education and other fields in a highly valuable way. This much can be said of Turn-key Technologies, Inc., which was recently honored as one of CIO Review’s Most Promising Wireless Solution Providers, an annual list of 20 companies that are at the forefront of providing wireless solutions and impacting the marketplace.

The announcement was made in the Wireless Technology Special Edition of CIO Review, a magazine that covers topics related to technology solutions for redefining the business goals of enterprises. Widely read by information technology executives, and supported by contributions from the industry’s senior-level industrial experts, IT buyers and decision-makers, CIO Review is a valued resource for making smart choices in the tech arena.


What it Means to Be “Most Promising” in the World of Wireless

As explained in the special edition of CIO Review, “Wireless technology has long since become the norm for enterprise networks, underpinning the promise of reliable and stable connectivity and the much-needed flexibility. Constantly evolving, wireless innovators usher newer solutions into the arena, every now and then, to help enterprises improve business process performance, in a cost-effective fashion.”

TTI is a leading example of these wireless innovators -- designing, installing, optimizing and validating wireless networks in various industries with best-of-breed wireless LAN products, expert insight and a major focus on clients. Deemed one of CIO Review’s 20 most promising wireless solution providers having “exhibited extensive business process knowledge, along with innovative strategies in the wireless technology arena,” TTI continues to raise the bar in helping CIOs and IT professionals ensure their wireless networks are ready for the challenges on the horizon.

Reliable wireless solutions are pretty much mandatory today as they become the primary way users connect to networks. In addition to the numerous devices users have already been attaching to networks (e.g., laptops, tablets, smartphones), the Internet of Things is primed to add countless new ones, including environmental controls, systems monitoring, wearables, automation and more. TTI is among the industry leaders poised to implement the most capable solutions for addressing these needs.

Insight into the 2017 List

CIO Review’s annual list of companies is selected by a panel of experts, including CEOs, CIOs, VCs and analysts, as well as members of the magazine’s editorial board. The chosen providers are considered “the best” in their respective category. The list of Most Promising Wireless Solution Providers is a compilation of the top companies in this domain that are at the forefront of tackling industry challenges.

There is a great need for these leading providers in the wireless sector. As the magazine explains, “Many businesses today leverage some form of wireless technology to experience high-end connectivity, enhance functionalities of mission-critical applications and make informed decisions in real time. Teleconferencing is witnessing newer levels of efficiency with smartphones and tablets operating on lightning-fast 4G LTE access points to account for seamless enterprise collaboration. IoT printers that can print documents from any connected device on the same network have unleashed the power of wireless networks to create an ecosystem that is integrated, intelligent, and intuitive. Wireless networks also allow enterprises to capitalize on the burgeoning mobility by facilitating BYOD, which in turn brings out increased productivity and flexibility.”

The published list of 20 Most Promising Wireless Solution Providers helps organizations understand what technologies are out there for them to consider, as well as how these offerings add value and fulfill their wireless needs. It is a key component of CIO Review’s editorial mission to “provide influential IT and business executives with real-life, engaging opportunities and targeted, in-depth coverage of the topics most critical to their success.”

Shining the Spotlight on TTI  

It’s no wonder why TTI ranks on this list of esteemed technology companies. TTI is the leader in network, security and communication solutions, having designed, installed and maintained over 1,000 network solutions throughout North America. The company maintains a large technical staff of both bench and field engineers to support customers and provide the best possible service 24/7.

TTI understands that today’s wireless networks are facing more and more challenges while the reliance on these networks is also increasing tremendously. Obstacles such as numerous sources of interference, high-density areas of users, high-bandwidth applications and low-powered devices, combined with the expectation that a wireless network should be available anytime and anywhere, make designing a wireless network the most important step in a deployment, regardless of the manufacturer.

TTI’s engineers hold manufacturer agnostic certifications such as Certified Wireless Design Professional, Certified Wireless Network Professional and Certified Wireless Security Professional. These certifications enable the team to design highly successful wireless deployments, as well as diagnose and propose network changes and enhancements to existing setups that are not providing the necessary degree of performance.

Much more than simply delivering wireless network products, TTI views implementation holistically, from performing detailed site surveys and network assessments to building, testing and beyond. Here are some of the advantages you can expect from a TTI partnership:



Site surveys are an extremely important part of any successful wireless deployment as a way to get in front of any potential issues regarding rogue access points, interference, capacity and coverage, while ensuring that deployment falls in line with what your end users actually want and need.



This is a physical walk-through of the site to document all data closets, equipment, software revisions, end-of-life issues, bottlenecks, cable age, cable management and fiber types, and to perform interviews with on-site staff to discuss site performance and expectations. After gathering all data, the TTI team shares their recommendations on what changes and enhancements can improve performance and reliability across the wireless network.



Network closets, switches and other mission-critical points of infrastructure can become a tangled mess and pose much bigger issues than just cleanliness. A well-organized and documented IDF can minimize mean time to repair and greatly enhance troubleshooting efforts.



Managed IT services are one of the single best ways to increase efficiency and decrease operational costs at the same time. By having TTI come in and either entirely manage or help manage your IT department, you’re shifting manpower in a direction that can actually help propel your company forward.



Geography doesn’t have to be an issue when it comes to productivity. TTI can design a wireless point-to-point, point-to-multipoint or outdoor solution to increase the reach of the traditional network well beyond the typical distances of copper, or even fiber.



Wired infrastructure supports data, voice, security and more within buildings and across campuses. TTI experts can provide the most up-to-date, standards-based structured cabling infrastructure for your next project.



TTI has the experience and certifications to properly plan for the myriad of challenges presented by a large public venue. Experts will design a solution to support your users, as well as provide options to monetize your investment.


For more valuable knowledge and expert insight on how to choose a provider that can address your organization’s unique wireless challenges and deliver the most effective solutions, download this free resource today: Your Guide for Choosing an IT Solutions Partner.