How the Right Network Switch Can Help You

Switching is continuing to evolve to support the higher bandwidth applications and devices that are increasing at an incredible pace. 1Gig, 10Gig, 40Gig are all finding a home on today’s networks. Our switching partners offer the latest speeds and features such as SDN, Auto-loop detection, PoE+, SmartRate and more to allow you to future proof your network today.  Data, security, voice and more are traversing the network, so utilizing the best solution for the mission critical applications is of paramount importance.  The Inernet of Things (IoT) is starting to be felt as environmental controls, building automation, business analytics and more are connecting to your network.  Is your network ready for an influx of devices that will potentially make BYOD look like a non-issue?

In addition to the right switch for the right job, how you manage your network can be as important to the users as the name on the label.  Today's network overlay and management solutions provide greater visibility into what's going on in your network, who is on your network, what roles and policies are applied to those users, what devices are being used, what applications are being utilized and more.  In addition, the ability to provide high QoS to the right applications, while limiting non-business critical applications can provide a more efficient and productive network for your users. 

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