By: Craig Badrick on January 5th, 2016


Assessing The Risk of Lone Workers


assessing_risk_of_lone_worker_checklist.jpgWhile it's true that there is no law that prevents an employee from working alone, it's always important to understand as much about this type of situation as you can. From an employer's perspective, you are subject to certain rules and regulations that require you to create the safest possible environment for that employee at all times.


In the event of an injury, a lone employee may have nobody to turn to in the event that first aid is required for the situation. In the event of a potentially violent situation, the lone employee would need to find a way to communicate with others to help navigate the situation safely. In a situation where the workplace environment itself presents a natural risk to the safety of a lone employee, they would need to have proper training to help make sure they can do their job both securely and accurately given the circumstances. And more.


To find out more information about not only the risks that employees are exposed to when they're working alone, but what you can do to help create the safest possible environment at all times, download the eBook "Assessing the Risks of Lone Workers" today.