By: Craig Badrick on August 9th, 2016


5 Benefits of a Warehouse Wi-Fi Solution for Your Business


warehouse wi-fi solutionWarehouses and manufacturing floors are notoriously difficult to supply with Wi-Fi coverage. Large metal racks, a plethora of handheld devices, moving vehicles like pallet jacks and forklifts, constantly changing environmental conditions like temperature and humidity, and the lack of a pervasive Ethernet network -- all of these issues combine to make it nearly impossible to deliver high quality Wi-Fi to warehouse workers. However, if you do it right, warehouse networking can be done well, and the benefits are tremendous.

1. Well-Designed Warehouse Networking Solutions Help Signals Permeate the Warehouse

Since Wi-Fi access points are limited in the strength of the signal allowed, the only way to assure that they can provide adequate coverage for the warehouse is to design the layout of the network so that the signal is able to overcome obstacles, interference, and long distances that usually cause warehouse Wi-Fi troubles.

2. Today's Warehouse Networks Must on the Fly to Changing Conditions

As the conditions in warehouses are constantly changing due to stock levels and inventory going in and out, rack configurations, user density, neighboring companies competing wifi, cable wifi on the street, other wireless devices, and more; it is important to have a solution that can adapt to these conditions.  Today's sophisticated solutions can raise and lower power, dynamically change channels based on interference and the noise floor, and even steer clients to particular bands or access points, all helping to ensure reliable connectivity and throughput across your warehouse's network.


3. A Less Expensive Way to Provide Wireless Connectivity Across the Warehouse

A wireless warehouse network allows companies to add access points without having to tear up walls or flooring to run cables to specific user devices. This means lower expenses to install and maintain the network. It gives the workers better connectivity, while saving management money -- it's a win-win scenario for everyone.

4. The Ability to Supply Wireless Access Outside the Warehouse

Many warehouse environments need to power wireless access outside, on docks or shipping yards, or across break or smoking areas. Industrial Wi-Fi options allow you to deliver the same high performance wireless access to your outdoor environments as to your indoor floors and offices. Plus, the Wi-Fi is handled as a single, unified system, which simplifies maintenance and upkeep, as well as improving security. Control is centralized for easy, breezy control of all wireless access points.

5. The Ability to Control Your Warehouse's Guest Networking Capabilities

Want to impress customers who stop by for a visit? Need to enable wireless access to suppliers and vendors while they are on your premises? Maybe some investors stop by from time to time to check out operations, or perhaps your executives or inspectors visit occasionally to make sure things are up to par. You can empower all of these guests simply, securely, and conveniently with the right Wi-Fi solution. 

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