By: Dominick Mauro on February 7th, 2014


Welcome to the Mobile Mosh Pit


mobile technologyAt concerts everyone wants to be able to share the action in real time with our friends and family over social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But the quality of Wi-Fi access at concert venues are few and far between. 

Did you know that it is stated in a 2013 Scarborough article that a quarter of the American population are concert goers? In fact, it is also on record that 53 percent of this group own smartphones. As technology advances, our society's demands and expectations for live mobile experiences continue to grow. The question is will venues and stadiums be able to stay a step ahead of the game?

Industry leaders such as Aruba Networks offer cost effective solutions designed to please even the most Wi-Fi dependent guests. Aruba's indoor and outdoor access points deliver a high performance experience for guests and staff alike. With additional add on's made available such as ClearPass Guest, (A ClearPass Policy Manager Application) Aruba presents a simplified and secure visitor management system dedicated to please both IT staff, non IT staff and most importantly the mobile fan.

As music fans we may not all share the same taste in tunes but whether you are a metal head, a hip hop lover, or a fan of country music, we can all agree that while attending a live concert we want the power of connectivity at our fingertips. It's probably best to assume that change is on the horizon for many stadiums, concert halls and other large public venues but how long will we have to wait?

Have you recently attended a live concert? Share your experience below. 

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