Network Assessment


Today’s wireless networks are facing more and more challenges while the reliance on these networks is also increasing tremendously. Challenges such as numerous sources of interference, high density areas of users, high bandwidth applications, low-powered devices such as smart phones and tablets; combined with an expectation that the wireless network should be available any time and anywhere, make the design of a wireless network the most important step in a deployment, regardless of the manufacturer. TTI employs factory trained wireless engineers whose knowledge covers not only the manufacturers that we represent, but also hold manufacturer agnostic certifications such as Certified Wireless Design Professional, Certified Wireless Network Professional and Certified Wireless Security Professional. These certifications not only help us design a proper wireless deployment for new customers and new solutions; they also help us diagnose and propose network changes and enhancements to existing deployments that are not providing the degree of performance that is needed. 



Whatever your infrastructure needs, let Turn-key Technologies survey and evaluate your current network environment and provide a report which will summarize the network’s current health, as well as provide advice on what changes can and should be implemented.

  • Document current fiber connectivity and copper wiring
  • Document current network equipment as well as physical installations
  • Document current logical network, including VLAN’s, routing and services
  • Develop a report encompassing the above information as well as provide best-practice advice
  • If desired, the survey can be vendor specific or vendor agnostic

Recommendations may include network redundancy objectives, gigabit to 10 gigabit migration, stacking solutions, end-of-life concerns, and network equipment add-on versus rip-and-replace designs.

Is your network up to the standards it should be? Contact our team to find out.

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