Wireless Site Survey 

The Most Important Step in a Successful Wireless Deployment

In order for you to achieve the desired coverage and performance of a wireless network, it is vitally important to fully understand the RF environment into which the network is being deployed. The up-front planning and documentation that a site survey provides will facilitate a smooth and successful implementation of your network.

The results of a properly executed site survey and design will be a network that supports the coverage needed, capacity for the number of devices to be supported, data rates for high bandwidth applications, seamless roaming, QoS and more.

Benefits of Wireless Site Survey for Your Business

  • Provide accurate information on the number of access points needed.
  • Provide accurate information for access point locations.
  • Provide detailed coverage maps.
  • Provide detailed data rates.
  • Identify sources and locations of interference.
  • Discover, and locate, rogue access points.
  • Plan for a room, a building or a campus.
  • Plan for outdoor coverage.
  • Reveal coverage voids in existing deployments.
  • Identify and classify neighboring networks and channel usage.

How Teachers College conducted a Wireless Site Survey to ensure seamless coverage and sufficient bandwidth throughout the entire campus.

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Atlantic Cape Community College's Challenging Deployment

"Ours was a difficult installation as it necessitated working with three local governments, all with their own regulations on permitting, approvals and inspection. Throughout the project all of the principals with whom we have dealt have been completely professional and supportive."

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