Network Security

Start protecting your network

Security should be a top concern in your business. We live today in a wireless world, which increases your security risk.

Hacking is an extremely lucrative business.  Last year hackers made $1.8 million off of one fake A.V website alone. Bottom line, it’s not going away anytime soon, so it’s time to start protecting your network.

We offer a broad range of advanced security solutions. Leverage the benefits of hardware, cloud and virtual technology and our solutions consistently deliver zero-hour protection.

Threats Facing Network Security:

  • Education - Educating your users is the best thing you can do to protect yourself
  • Users - They are the number one threat to your network security
  • Inspect - Look at what all the users are doing to protect them from making mistakes
  • Protect vs. block - Become an ally to your users buy teaching them right from wrong with the data you see
  • Blocking - Blocking access makes you an adversary so we favor education and understanding

TTI counters these threats by implementing inspection of all traffic, talking with and educating users, adding security layers and authorizing access to only what's needed. We can help you identify threats, categorize them and then take control, making sure your network stays safe.

Be confident in your network's security. TTI provides the best protection, plus education, to your company; keeping threats out and your network secure.

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