3 Reasons You Need an Alarm System to Keep Your Workers Safe

Regardless of the type of business that you’re running, employee safety should always be one of your highest priorities. In today’s environment, danger can come from anywhere – it’s important to have some type of mechanism in place to not only help alert workers to potentially threatening situation, but also to provide them with the actionable information that they can use to maintain the safest possible environment moving forward. Alarm systems like a duress alarm are one of the single best ways to accomplish exactly this for a number of important reasons.

Duress Systems You Can Trust

In order to understand why you need a duress system to keep your workers safe, it’s important to fully grasp the severity of the situations that you may find yourself in. Make no mistake: violence can happen absolutely anywhere, regardless of demographics or the precautions that you’ve put in place. What a duress system allows you to do is not eliminate the threat of danger (which you cannot) but to help mitigate these risks wherever possible.

Duress alarm systems are not only reliable and can reach a large response team, but they are also inherently quick. If an alarm system is triggered when a dangerous situation is still in its nascent stages, it can help stop an issue from escalating as quickly as possible.

Mobile Ready

Another one of the major advance in a duress system is mobility. The duress button will move as the user does, putting the power to report incidents in their hands at all times wherever they happen to be. Not only will this allow them to alert the appropriate staff members to danger as quickly as possible, but it will also go a long way towards increasing the general level of accountability in the building at the same time. Because these alarm systems are mobile, they’re also inherently discreet – this is something that can help manage panic in an otherwise stressful situation.

Peace of Mind

Perhaps the biggest reason why you need a duress system to keep your workers safe, however, has to do with peace of mind. When your employees know that they have an alarm system in place that they can both use to alert others of a dangerous situation and use to be alerted themselves, they’ll rest easy knowing that you’re doing everything that you can to help create the safest possible workplace at all times. Even if their jobs are inherently dangerous, they can rest easy knowing that the proper infrastructure for employee safety is already in place.

This in turn will help with the issue of staff retention, as your existing employees will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’re taking positive and proactive steps regarding important issues like incident management. Instead of worrying about potential risks, they are now free to do their jobs without compromise moving forward.

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By Craig Badrick


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