An Inside Look At Slomin’s Tech Culture

Slomin’s Home Service has always had a great reputation for service. TTI took a look at how their employees utilize technology to enhance not only their work experience but to also increase customer satisfaction. Over the weekend we had an opportunity to sit down for a cup of coffee with Slomin’s Service Technician, Jason Mushalla to discuss the following topic. Jason shared great insight on his 7 years over at Slomin’s and when into great detail about the past, present, and future of the company’s tech culture. Thanks again Jason for your time. It was a pleasure meeting you.

-What is your position at Slomins?

I’m primarily service, but sometimes install, Home Security Alarms, Fire Alarms, Local and Web based CCTV systems.

-What does your job entail?

Troubleshooting, mostly. You get a call with a vague description of a problem, and you have to figure it out. From false alarms to faulty or damaged equipment to user errors.

-How long have you worked there?

I’ve been with this company for 7 years in September. Before that, I trained at Lincoln Technical Institute In their Low Voltage Electronic Systems program, for a year.

-Has there been an increase in technology use from when you started to now? If so describe what has changed.

Yes, for sure.  First off, the alarm control panels, when i first got to work, the panels we used were by a company called Napco.  Nothing wrong with these panels, they work just fine, but customers want to control everything through their phone, which these panels can do, but with much issue (takes 1-3 minutes to issue a command or doesn’t connect at all).

Within the last year, we started using controls by a company called 2gig, that are very user friendly, run primarily on a cellular communicator (data in and out) incorporate home automation. Makes the customer much happier, and speeds up the install.

Also, for our camera systems, we used to only use the local CCTV DRV systems. Over the past three years, we started using web-based cameras and DVRs, making viewing and retrieving recorded footage remotely much easier.

As for  the tablets, about 3 years ago we were issued HTC Android Tablets, originally to program equipment, but were later used for testing and billing.

-What type of technology/devices do you use for your job (tablets, apps, etc) today? Do employees have specific security guidelines that they must follow?

Right Now, We’ve been using HTC Android Tablets with Slomin’s own built and designed app.  The company has locked every other feature on the device, except the calculator.  WIFI setting have also been blocked, so we have to use a portable wireless access point that we connect to the customers router for internet service, which has been sort’ve a hassle.  We’re only able to log into the account that we are dispatched to, to access account information. So the company has taken all security precautions to protect the customer and the employee. 

-Does this technology help you perform your job more efficiently? If so, explain.

It has. The other option would be calling to the headquarters waiting on hold for 1 of 2 people, which could take a while, considering the 300 other technicians.


-Does Slomins allow employees to use their own personal devices for work? If not, do you think it would be beneficial for employees to enroll into a BYOD program? If so, explain how.

As of now, no.  There has been rumblings of allowing the app to be installed on employee’s personal devices.  But that was over a year ago, with no new updates.  If it were allowed, it would definitely benefit, and save the technician some time.  The provided portable wireless access point could sometimes be problematic, as far as connectivity and wireless range.

-Has there been any talks of technology upgrades to help boost employee performance? If so, explain.  (New tablets, software, apps, etc)

Yes, the company has stated upgrading technicians with iPads, this would replace the in-van computers (problematic, poor service) for dispatching to calls and jobs, take over the functions of the current HTC tablets (programming equipment, testing, updating account information) and eliminate most of the paper forms still used today. It would also save all documentation within the proper account, as compared to paper documentation having to be matched to the proper account, manually, which has also been problematic at times.

-What kind of technology integration would you like to see within the next 5 years?

As of now, they’re on the right path, with the new control panels, and more efficient equipment for dispatching and updating account information. Slomin’s is right on par with available technology for work efficiency, which is looking extremely positive, compared to the Slomin’s of yesterday. Must be the reason they are the number 1 privately owned security company in the United States

-State your case. Apple or Android?

Personally? I’ve had an iPhone since 2007. I’ve owned every product apple has sold. iPhone, iPad, iMac, Macbook, AppleTV, Airport. I’m a little biased. I think apple OS is very user-friendly. I’m not incredibly familiar with Android OS. I’ve only used it with the Slomin’s issued tablet, which most features were locked.  Overall, I’m an Apple person, but I haven’t dealt with Android enough to say for sure the Apple has the better OS.

As you can see with the increase of app use more companies are considering the allowance of employee-owned devices onto their corporate network. Although Slomin’s is not quite there yet, it seems that some form of BYOD will be implemented into their organization to support mobile workers like Jason.

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By Tony Ridzyowski


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