Debunking 4 Myths about Panic Alarm Systems

Whether you’re managing a municipal building, a public venue, or a private school, there is one thing on everyone’s minds: how to keep workers and visitors safe. It’s on the news and all over social media what a dangerous world we live in. An active shooter here. A bomb threat there. A medical emergency at one place, and a dangerous chemical spill in another.

What can you do? You can install an alarm system. Are you under the impression that they’re too expensive, or hard to use, or perhaps not really essential to your operations? Here are the top myths surrounding alarm systems and what the truth really is.

1. Panic Alarm Systems are Hard to Implement

With wireless systems, there are no wires that have to be hidden out of sight and out of the way. Problematic installations like concrete walls or outdoor areas pose no problem for wireless systems. Plus, wireless systems are more difficult for intruders to thwart than the old wired systems, which are notorious for being disabled by nothing more than a wire cutter.

2. Panic Alarm Systems are Hard to Use

The most critical aspect of a usable, useful alarm system is that it’s easy to use. Even with the best training imaginable, if the system is cumbersome or confusing, a panicked person won’t be able to use it, no matter how much they knew about it before. A simple, easy-to-use system will impart the most detailed information with the least possible effort. For example, you can alert responders about who is involved and where an emergency situation is with no more than the press of a button.

3. Panic Alarm Systems are Too Expensive

Simply the presence of a good alarm system will help to alleviate the fear of the people on your campus. It gives them courage to know that if something does go wrong, they have the power to do something about the situation instead of just sitting there in a panic.

Like most technologies, the longer they are around the cheaper they tend to get. Panic alarm systems have been around for quite awhile now, and are extremely affordable. If you are doing a cost-benefit analysis, you’ll find that any alarm system on the market is worth whatever you pay to save lives, make your campus more secure, instill peace of mind in your employees, customers, and visitors, and other critical safety and security concerns.  Additionally, with a wireless panic alarm system, there is no expense associated with running cables throughout the location.

4. Panic Alarm Systems Aren’t Really Necessary

There may have been a time in American history when an alarm system was optional. That time has come and gone. Today’s students,workers, customers, partners, and other interests are worried. No matter how you look at it, having an alarm system is essential for keeping liabilities low and improving the safety and security of your staff, students, patients, etc.

Want to learn exactly how easy and affordable a panic alarm system really is? Visit Turn-key Technologies today to request a quote and find out what type of system is best suited to your situation.

By Craig Badrick

July 29, 2016

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