Discover Cabling that Works for You

TTI Cable makes it easy to get the exact cabling solutions you’re looking for, whether they’re stocked and shipped the day you order or they’re OEM.

In 2007, some of the leading Fiber Optic, Data-Communication, and Audio Video field professionals saw an urgent need to provide clients with the service and expertise vital to today’s rapidly changing IT Industry. So they founded TTI Cable, a division of Turn-key Technologies, Inc. (TTI), to meet clients’ needs. Since then, our cabling subdivision has been helping organizations of all types and sizes get the cables they need to keep their operations running smoothly. With factories all over the globe and a team driven by U.S.-based experts with more than 30 years of combined experience in OEM and ODM, TTI Cable delivers the real-time engineering, consulting, and support services installers, government contractors, and resellers are looking for.

TTI Cable’s mission is “To achieve 100% customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality products at the right time with the best prices.” To do that, we offer both best-in-class stocked solutions built by our specialists and expert OEM capabilities to design and produce the products you envision. Read on to learn more about TTI Cable and the benefits of going direct when it comes to your cabling solutions.

The Products You Need, When You Need Them

TTI Cable stocks over 10,000 line items. That means that with many common products, you can call to place an order and we’ll ship out the product on the very same day. We stock a wide variety of both fiber optic and copper solutions — all manufactured by TTI. These include (but are far from limited to):

OEM Capabilities to Create Whatever You’re Looking For

Of course, when you come to the TTI Cable subdivision you aren’t limited to our stocked options. In fact, we offer best-in-class OEM capabilities to create custom solutions that fit your specific needs no matter how vague or broad an idea you bring us. From an idea, to an AutoCAD drawing, to a finished product, our skilled engineers can create the custom solutions that will keep your business moving forward whether you’re making a small adjustment to an existing product or making a more significant overhaul.

It’s because TTI Cable can meet those specific needs that we have a wide-ranging portfolio of clients that includes multiple global corporations. For example, one multinational fast food chain has TTI Cable’s custom switch boxes and stocked cables (including locking power cords, video cables, and more) in all of its thousands of locations across the U.S. — and they keep coming back to us for more cabling solutions.

The Benefits of Going Direct

Working directly with TTI Cable is about more than just getting great products and OEM capabilities. It’s also about getting those products at speeds and prices that will make your jaw drop. At TTI Cable, we manufacture all our products ourselves, meaning that when you come directly to us there are no middlemen marking up prices or slowing down deliveries.

But speed and price aren’t the only advantages of working directly with TTI Cable. We also pride ourselves on offering the highest quality products backed by reliable customer service you can trust. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring you have the best possible experience from the moment you place a call through the end of your time using a product. As a subdivision of TTI, we also offer top-tier installation services provided by TTI’s team of experts to get everything up and running in no time. Whether your order requires quick shipping from our stock of 10,000+ line items or an end-to-end solution for a newly designed data center, our skilled engineers and sales professionals are here to ensure that TTI Cable will meet all of your needs.

Get Cabling that Works For You

Are you ready to get cabling that fits your specific needs, whether OEM or otherwise, at prices that will make you wonder why you ever worked with anyone else? You’ve come to the right place. No matter what you’re looking for, our experts in the TTI Cable subdivision will work with you to find — or create — the perfect solution.

Come test our prices and give us a chance to show you what you’re missing. Contact us today!

P.S. Need help installing all your great new cables? Ask about TTI’s expert installers for all your stocked and custom TTI Cable solutions.

By Bob Gissubel


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