Our New Video Explains Why TTI Is Your One-Stop IT Solutions Provider

The value of a TTI partnership comes to life in our new animated video.

Industry leaders across multiple verticals are already highly familiar with the incredible value that a partnership with Turn-key Technologies can offer their organization. But for all the would-be clients who don’t yet have a firm understanding of everything we do here at TTI, we created a short video that explains who we are and what we do.

The final result is now live, and we hope that it gives viewers a better idea of how our decades of combined experience can help professionals in a wide variety of fields streamline their day-to-day job responsibilities and ease their IT and security concerns. Watch it below:

What TTI Offers Your Organization

Our new video combines voiceover and animation to illustrate our experience working for customers around the world, in industries spanning education, healthcare, hospitality, petrochem, finance, warehousing, and municipal services. The video also details how we’re able to provide the following services for these clients:

  • Setting up wired and wireless networks
  • Installing IP cameras and access control centers
  • Providing duress and panic alarm systems
  • Optimizing network security
  • Implementing paging systems

What’s more, TTI will provide network/security assessments and wireless site surveys prior to any new installations to ensure that your enterprise is receiving the network or security solution that’s right for you. If your network doesn’t need a full overhaul, we can provide network cleanup to keep it functioning at its highest level. But if a top-to-bottom solution is what you’re looking for, our years of industry experience allow us to recommend and implement a new, best-of-breed IT infrastructure that’s perfect for your enterprise’s needs.

After installation, we will remain your network enterprise partner with our 24/7, 365-day Technical Assistance Center. One year of support is included with every service that TTI performs.

Learn More

TTI has been providing industry-leading network and security support for years, but never in such an animated way! Check out our video and share it with friends and colleagues — and don’t forget to get in touch to start the process of optimizing your enterprise network and security.

By Craig Badrick


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