The Top 4 Scenarios Where Duress Alarms Could Save Lives

Facilities and campuses all over the world are looking for better ways to keep the people who work, learn, shop, and play on their grounds safe in this era of craziness. It seems as if the only thing that bumps one horrifying act from the news is when the next one happens. Often, that is a matter of days or hours, not the weeks and months and years that we used to go without hearing news of active shooters and other terrifying situations.

What are some of the most common scenarios when a duress alarm system can save the lives of workers, students, customers, and others on your premises?

1. Medical Emergencies Can Happen Anytime, Anywhere

According to medical professionals, peanut and other potentially dangerous allergies are on the rise. Many schools and workplaces have had to ban peanuts and other common allergens entirely from their campuses because even having contact with the allergy trigger can cause serious and potentially fatal reactions in some of the more sensitive patients. Other medical emergencies in which it might be difficult or impossible to summon help via 911 include heart attacks, strokes, serious slip and fall accidents, accidents with heavy equipment and machinery, and a wide variety of others. Duress alarms can summon help quickly, notifying the responders of where the victim(s) are, even when no one can get to a phone to call 911.

2. Robberies are on the Rise, Especially in Larger Metro Areas

Large cities like Baltimore, New Orleans, and Dallas are reporting upticks in the number of robberies police are having to respond to. Both residences and businesses are having to respond to the increase in crime by upgrading their security. While perimeter alarms are helpful, there is always the potential for an employee to be caught off guard during their shift, distracted by a phone call or working in the back stockroom and unable to summon help when an intruder arrives. The duress alarm is a fast, easy way to call for help even when the worker is panicked and not thinking clearly.

3. Active Shooter Situations are Increasing Globally

Schools, magazines, coffee shops, sports stadiums, concert halls, movie theaters, shopping malls — these are but a handful of places around the world that have been suddenly turned into the scene of a bad horror movie within minutes when active shooter(s) burst in and open fire. Even areas usually protected from guns are susceptible to all kinds of attacks, including knives, machetes, bombs, and more. These attacks usually happen so fast that it’s difficult or impossible for workers to get to a phone and call for help in time. A duress alarm system allows workers to summon assistance without missing a beat in helping victims escape gunfire and administering first aid following such an attack.

4. Hazardous Chemical Spills and Other Environmental Hazards Must be Addressed Quickly and by the Right Authorities

Having a duress alarm might prevent a worker from entering a dangerous area in order to summon help after an environmental hazard such as a chemical spill.

Every moment after a chemical spill or other environmental hazard threatens the quality of the water, soil, air, and the people and animals who live nearby. When a chemical spill happens, it can be dangerous and inadvisable for anyone to get to a phone, but a duress alarm can be used anywhere, anytime. Authorities can be notified in time to stop the spread of the contamination without putting workers in danger.

You can begin taking the necessary steps to safeguard your business, school, or organization immediately. Contact us at TTI today to request a quote for the duress alarm system you need to keep everyone safe.

By Craig Badrick

December 15, 2015

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