Using HD Cameras for Security in Your School

High definition security cameras are by far one of the most efficient, cost-effective ways to add an additional layer of security to nearly any environment.

In terms of school security, for example, HD cameras add protection, accountability and convenience in one fell swoop. Based on the fact that they’re so easy to use and install, it’s a wonder why they aren’t already in every school in America.


One of the biggest security-related benefits that HD cameras bring to the table is one of versatility. Based on their sturdy, high quality construction, these cameras are the perfect solution for both outdoor and indoor use. They also represent a solution that can easily grow with your organization as necessary – adding a new camera to close a security-related vulnerability is quite simple and can implemented by your technology partner in quick fashion.  With the addition of wireless bridges, you can even add cameras to locations that were traditionally out of reach for analog systems such as ball fields, parking lots and remote buildings.

Increased Protection 

Thanks to the fact that HD cameras record full motion video in true high definition, they offer quite a bit beyond traditional video surveillance solutions. A camera focused your school’s parking lot or entrance can help with license plate recognition, for example, adding a new level of accountability for both students and faculty members as well as visitors. Full HD video footage is also essential for helping to aid law enforcement in the event of an incident. Remember that capturing the incident in question is only half the battle. If the police aren’t able to use that footage to properly identify the individuals involved (as they likely would be unable to do in the case of standard definition footage), they really don’t have much to work on as far as identifying those responsible.


Using HD cameras for security in your school also brings with it a new level of accountability across the board. Incident reporting and remaining legally compliant has never been easier, as you now have a stunning, crisp and clear record of every major incident that occurs on school grounds. The general presence of such high-quality equipment is also an efficient deterrent for some of the major types of problems that are most likely to occur in this environment. Students are less likely to bully and physically abuse others if they know that the cameras themselves are present. HD cameras can also be a great way to stop vandalism, especially after school hours when the school is unoccupied.

In many ways, HD cameras in a school are like the perfect security guard – they’re easy to work with, they work 24 hours a day, seven days a week and they have a perfect memory. Between the ease at which incidents can now be reported and the fact that they act as an incredible deterrent for many different types of issues, HD cameras are one solution that your school can’t afford to pass up any longer.

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By Craig Badrick

October 23, 2015

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