Navigating the VMware Licensing Shift: How the HPE Aruba CX-10000 Switch Can Save Your Budget

Data center management is undergoing a significant transformation, driven by the recent changes in VMware's licensing model under Broadcom's ownership. The shift from perpetual licenses to subscription-based models has left many IT leaders concerned about the potential impact on their budgets and the need to reassess their virtualization strategies.

As organizations grapple with the challenges posed by VMware's licensing changes, including the potential for substantial cost increases and reduced flexibility, the search for cost-effective and technically robust alternatives has become a top priority. Among the solutions gaining attention is the HPE Aruba CX-10000 switch.

In this blog post, we will touch on changes with VMware's new licensing policy, explore the implications for data center management, and examine how the HPE Aruba CX-10000 switch can help organizations navigate this transition while maximizing their IT budgets. 

Understanding the Shift: VMware’s Licensing Changes and Your Data Center

Broadcom's acquisition of VMware has triggered a significant shift in the virtualization landscape, with VMware moving away from perpetual software licenses to a subscription-based model. This transition has raised concerns among data center decision-makers, as it is expected to lead to a substantial cost increase of 200-300% for customers.

Under the new licensing model, VMware has introduced two subscription offerings: vSphere Foundation (VVF) and vSphere Cloud Foundation (VCF). While VVF is positioned as an affordable option with simplified features, it comes with a notable limitation - the inability to use NSX or Distributed Firewall for micro-segmentation. This constraint can be a significant drawback for organizations that rely on these features for their security and compliance requirements.

On the other hand, VCF offers enterprise-level functionality, including the ability to leverage NSX and Distributed Firewall for micro-segmentation. However, this enhanced feature set comes at a steep price, making it a costly option for many organizations.

The shift to a subscription-based model not only impacts financial planning but also limits customer flexibility and autonomy, making them more dependent on VMware's product roadmap and pricing strategies.

HPE Aruba CX-10000 Switch as a Solution

For institutions seeking a cost-effective alternative to VMware's new licensing model, the HPE Aruba CX-10000 switch presents a compelling solution. This switch represents a significant advancement in data center technology, integrating the Pensando DPU to provide its own distributed firewall and micro-segmentation capabilities. By leveraging the CX-10000 switch, institutions can address the limitations of VVF while mitigating the need for additional licensing costs associated with VCF, all while maintaining a robust security posture.

The CX-10000's feature set makes it possible to bypass VMware NSX-T's distributed firewall for customers who require only L4 segmentation, thereby reducing dependence on VMware's licensing. The switch's firewall supports stateful L4 functions across VMs, servers, and containers, whether within the same VLAN or across different VLANs and subnets.

In addition to these capabilities, the CX-10000 enhances data center security by supporting a comprehensive Zero Trust security model that extends protection closer to applications and workloads, rather than merely defending the network perimeter. It also delivers high-performance security features, including:

  • 540Gb IPsec encryption for secure data transmission
  • ERSPAN for network traffic monitoring and analysis
  • Advanced telemetry for detailed performance monitoring
  • DDoS protection to guard against external attacks

By offering micro-segmentation capabilities, Zero Trust security features, and security for physical (bare metal) servers, the HPE Aruba CX-10000 switch empowers institutions to fortify their security posture while navigating the challenges posed by VMware's new licensing model.

Financial Implications: Calculating the Cost of Innovation

VMware's new subscription model has raised concerns about the financial impact on data center operations. However, the HPE Aruba CX-10000 switch offers significant relief, providing cost-effective advanced security features and functionality.

A cost comparison reveals that the CX-10000 is approximately 65% more cost-effective than VMware's new subscription offerings. This cost difference is due to the switch's ability to bypass the need for VMware NSX-T's distributed firewall, reducing reliance on VMware's licensing for organizations that only require L4 segmentation.

The CX-10000 boasts an impressive return on investment (ROI), paying for itself in just five months. By opting for the CX-10000, organizations can add roughly US$2.6M back to their annual budget, helping them avoid excessive licensing fees associated with VMware's subscription model.

The financial relief provided by the CX-10000 allows organizations to redirect funds towards further technological enhancements and innovations, such as upgrading hardware, exploring new software solutions, or implementing cutting-edge security measures. Additionally, the cost savings can be leveraged to support other critical business initiatives, such as digital transformation projects or workforce development programs.

HPE CX10000

Leveraging the HPE Aruba CX-10000 for Strategic Advantage Amidst Licensing Changes

With Broadcom phasing out perpetual licenses for VMware products, the virtualization industry is moving towards subscription-based models for continuous innovation and predictable budgeting. This change means VMware users need to rethink their strategies for efficiency and financial stability. TTI, as a trusted partner, can help organizations navigate this shift and explore how the CX-10000 can enhance their virtualization setup with advanced features like micro-segmentation and robust security. By partnering with TTI, organizations can lower costs, increase ROI, and future-proof their security services with cutting-edge capabilities. Take advantage of this opportunity to optimize your virtualization strategy with TTI's expertise and solutions to thrive in the changing IT landscape.

By Turn-key Technologies Staff


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