Network Analytics

Detect and mitigate threats and network bottlenecks before they ever affect your network.

Downtime is costly, and so are data breaches. By arming your business with network analytics solutions, you can eliminate your chances of encountering both. Check out our diverse catalog of products.  

Aruba UXI

With the influx of IoT technologies, SaaS products, and other new applications, modern IT environments are more complex than ever. It falls to CIOs to deliver a reliable user experience in this sea of services. With Aruba UXI, IT teams can leverage insightful network and application analytics to improve how end-users are experiencing network services.
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Easy to Use

UXI is centralized on one dashboard so that IT teams can easily drill down into analytics and diagnostics from a single pane of glass. 

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Scale to any network sensor and connect via cellular data for easy onboarding and troubleshooting.

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Utilize webhooks and third-party applications like Slack for better control management.

Nyansa Voyance

Threat actors are becoming smarter, which means your network defenses need to improve in response. Voyance is an AIOps platform that expands upon traditional infrastructure monitoring. It combines network analytics with IoT security, all on a single platform.
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Make Big Data Actionable

Use real-time and historic analytics to set baselines and detect deviations.

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A Holistic View

Obtain a bird’s-eye view of your infrastructure with custom dashboards and floor maps.

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Eliminate Blind Spots

Aggregate and correlate data from devices, applications, and end users for 360-degree analytics.

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