Guardian Duress Alarm

The Guardian Duress Alarm system is an advanced security solution designed to keep workers safe across all industries.

How It Works

The TTI Guardian Duress Alarm is an on-site wireless security and emergency notification system that delivers dependable security for any site. It is small, discreet, and comes with the features you need to keep your business and your workers safe.



The Hub

Functioning as the heart of the system, the Hub receives and processes alerts. The Hub also automatically generates a full log and audit trail.


Wireless Repeaters

Wireless repeaters provide the messaging path between the pagers and call fobs. Due to a self-repairing mesh-network, wireless communication works even if some repeaters are disabled.


Two-Way Pagers

These four-line alphanumeric display pagers can raise and receive alerts from call fobs and provide insights into user identity and location.


Call Fobs

The discreet Call Fob acts as a personal security alarm button that notify security personnel who triggered the alarm and identify where that individual is.

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Although most systems rely on GPS or WiFi, Guardian is completely independent of other technologies. It works even when your network doesn’t.

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Guardian is a self-contained system, meaning there are no monthly fees or additional licenses.

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Guardian runs on a Zigbee-powered mesh network, so coverage can be increased with ease.

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Read our product overview to learn more about how our alarms can keep your employees safe today.

Product Overview PDF

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