Guardian Lone Worker Alarm

The Guardian Lone Worker Alarm system is an advanced security solution that guarantees your remote workers are always protected.

How It Works

TTI’s Guardian Lone Worker Alarm offers three distinct alert abilities: manual duress, man-down, and no-response. Operators have the flexibility to enable any combination of these three alarms, depending on their business and industry needs.


Manual Duress

If a worker is in a critical situation, a press of this button will immediately alert a response team of the identity and location of the worker.



This feature will help a disabled worker by automatically sending out an alert in the event the worker is unable to manually summon assistance.



This feature polls workers during programmable intervals, so an alarm will automatically be raised if multiple queries go unacknowledged.

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Although most systems rely on GPS or WiFi, Guardian is completely independent of other technologies. It works even when your network doesn’t.

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Guardian is a self-contained system, meaning there are no monthly fees or additional licenses.

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Guardian runs on a Zigbee-powered mesh network, so coverage can be increased with ease.

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Read our product overview to learn more about how our alarms can keep your workers safe.

Product Overview PDF

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