By: Tony Ridzyowski on September 1st, 2016


Four Signs Your Wireless Network Isn't Performing Optimally


Wireless network assessment

Often, the signs of a poorly performing wireless network are obvious. Connectivity is spotty or dreadfully slow, for example. But often the users aren't aware of what's causing the problem, and instead blame your applications or systems for the difficulties. To deliver a better user experience across the organization, consider a wireless network assessment. Here are some of the most common signs that your network needs some upgrading.

1. Spotty Coverage

Are your users bumping around the office, reaching and stretching to try to find some area where connectivity is good? Does the place look like you're filming one of those "Can you hear me now?" commercials? If so, there are a few possible causes. First, it could be that you lack adequate bandwidth. This is the most probable cause. But it could also be that something (or some things) in the environment are causing interference. A wireless network assessment can tell you for sure.

2. Slow Internet Connectivity

Maybe your users are getting connections, but the connections are so slow that they fall asleep at their desks before a website or application opens up. Slow connectivity doesn't just cause users to become frustrated and irritable, it can seriously hinder productive work. Slow connectivity can also be attributed to inadequate bandwidth, or it might be an issue with aging hardware. A wireless network assessment is the only way to find out with certainty.

3. Frequent Equipment Failure

If your networking folks are spending more time on troubleshooting than they should, it's probably time to upgrade those old systems and free up IT staff for more productive work.

Are your IT and networking teams spending more time finding problems and fixing faulty hardware than they are spending on critical activities like capacity planning and building new apps? There are two ways to approach equipment upgrades. Most businesses wait until all of the networking hardware is old and out of date to replace it. Others take a more progressive approach, replacing a little of the oldest equipment each year, so that nothing gets too outdated before it gets replaced. However, if all your equipment is having critical failures, you may not be able to wait around for a phased approach to equipment replacement. You can find out when you get a wireless network assessment.

4. Security Problems

A little malware here, a little phishing scam there ... it's all to be expected this day and time, right? No, not necessarily. Older equipment is more susceptible to these kinds of intrusions than the newer hardware and firmware. Even if you're keeping the firmware for your older wireless equipment updated and patched (which, let's face it, you probably don't), it's still got vulnerabilities that the newer equipment has addressed. Security may actually be a better reason for getting a wireless network assessment and replacing old equipment than connectivity or poor coverage.

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