By: Craig Badrick on November 1st, 2018


VIDEO: The Top 4 Ways Your Network Can Give Your Business a Competitive Edge

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Modern cityscapeWith a network designed to meet your business’s needs, your team will have the support they need to meet your goals and ensure customer satisfaction.

Whether you’re looking to boost data transfer speeds or introduce cutting-edge security, investing in a faster, more advanced network can boost your bottom line. The benefits of a stronger network aren’t reserved for internal operations, however. Faster speeds — and the advantages that come with them — can empower your employees and your customers, giving your business an edge over the competition.

If your team keeps experiencing systemic issues, the right network improvements can help. Take a look at these four ways that a stronger, faster network can serve your business well.


1. Improved Collaboration

With a better network, you’ll be giving your team everything they need to go above and beyond. Indeed, many businesses today are investing in cloud technology and file sharing platforms that allow employees to work on the same documents simultaneously and maintain consistency across offices. Faster upload and download times are essential to this trend, and investing in networks that support collaboration can leverage increased productivity to boost your business’s performance.


2. Higher Customer Satisfaction

While businesses update their networks for a wide range of reasons, customer satisfaction is always near the top of the list. It doesn’t matter if you’re the most innovative company on the market; if your network is subpar and makes it frustrating for customers to use your product or access your service, they won’t do business with you. Instead, stronger networks make it easy for customers to enjoy what you’re offering them, increasing long-term loyalty that will benefit your business.


3. Stronger Network Security

In today’s IT ecosystem, network security should be top of mind for every business. With an improved and more secure network, you and your team can share important files confidently, knowing that proprietary data is protected and secure. By doing the work now to avoid data breaches in the future, you’ll be saving time and money better spent on your employees and customers — not patching up information liabilities.


4. Happier Employees

Investing in a stronger, faster network doesn’t just benefit your customers; it helps your employees, too. With better download and upload times, they won’t have to waste time waiting for files to send or get frustrated by lags in communication. Plus, a better network can free them up to work around your office — or even from home — without experiencing delays. Giving your team added flexibility boosts their productivity, but it also makes for a happier workplace culture — and that means higher retention.

Check out the video below to learn more.