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PetroChem plant managers and employees have a difficult job in ensuring safe and reliable networking solutions. Not only do the physical structures of PetroChemical facilities pose tremendous challenges in providing pervasive coverage; with cyber crime on the rise, there are potential shareholder or Homeland Security implications if the network is breached. Providing network access to personnel any time, anywhere, while still maintaining the highest level of network security, is a task that should only be entrusted to a company with extensive experience in challenging wireless deployments, along with the latest security expertise.



Experienced IT Partner

Turn-key Technologies, Inc. was incorporated in 1991 and has been a leader in networking, communications and security since our inception. 

We continue to lead the industry with our agnostic and best-of-breed approach that takes the customers needs into account above all else. 

Safety & Security

Our ISNetworld A rating shows our high level of compliance with the physical safety requirements of petrochemical facilities.  Ongoing employee education is not limited to networking; extensive, ongoing workplace safety training is required of all of the TTI engineering staff.  

Experience and knowledge of the challenging environments which can include large metal superstructures, extreme temperatures, explosive gasses and more will not only result in a better network solution, it will be installed safely and in compliance with the latest OSHA regulations.

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Qualified to Complete a Complicated Network Installation

Not every building or network is the same. Your wireless network may be the only method for engineering staff to access manuals while working within a refinery.  SCADA and tank monitoring may be more cost effective if done wirelessly.  Safety or security mandates may require cameras to be placed in remote areas of a facility to monitor flare stacks, perimeter intrusion, hazardous materials and more.  Oftentimes, it is difficult and costly to run copper or fiber to these remote locations, and the staff at TTI has the expertise to extend the network via wireless point-to-point shots, saving time and money. 

Our team has successfully installed networking solutions for hundreds of clients with challenging environments.  Refinery space, Intrinsically Safe locations, high density spaces, remote locations and more are all possible with the experienced professionals from TTI.


BYOD Policies and Device Security Assistance

Mobile technology in the workplace is now almost a must have.  Numerous polls have concluded that BYOD is a requirement for the younger generation in the workforce, along with the increases in productivity it brings.

With more devices accessing the network, a BYOD policy must be envisioned and enforced to support them.  TTI has the tools to efficiently on-board these devices, while still providing you with 802.1x security and full visibility into what these devices are doing on the network.

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"We utilized TTI for equipment purchases and installations across the Enterprise. The Installation was professional, respectful of our facility and their wealth of knowledge helped me execute this initiative and their availability any time I have needed them for help."

Wossen Abebe
Sr. Network Engineer, HollyFrontier Corporation

"We chose this solution after careful consideration of other options and have come to rely on its ease of use, practicality and above all else the easy adoption by our staff. It has become a valued safety measure we provide our team. TTI was professional and extremely accommodating to all of our needs and continues to be a valued partner."

Amy Olsen
Administrative Services Office II County of San Luis Obispo Behavioral Health

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