10 Questions for TTI’s Vice President of Technical Services

Chris Voll is responsible for the management, supervision, and quality control of Turn-key Technologies Inc., Project Management, Design, and Consulting Services. Prior to joining Turn-key Technologies Inc., Chris was Ground-to-Air RF Engineer (Ground Radio Career Field) and Installation Spectrum Manager for Andrews Air Force Base, MD, and McGuire Air National Guard, NJ.

– First off, let’s talk a little bit about your background and how you got started in the industry.

Sure, I’ve been in the wireless communications industry for over 20 years, getting my start in United States Air Force as a Ground to Air Radio Technician (Ground Rat).    This started me down the path of becoming the RF (Radio Frequency) Nerd that I am today. I was originally hired at Turn-key as the Manager of Field Service, which was mostly UHF and VHF Paging Systems at the time. My knowledge of how RF/ Wireless works has allowed us to grow into the WLAN power player that we are today.  Shortly after joining, my responsibilities grew, and I was named TTI’s Vice President of Technical Services.

– Walk us through the day in a life of TTI’s VP of Technical Services, and share with everyone what you like most about your job. 

A large portion of my day is taken up with customer needs and communication between myself, our team at TTI and our customers. After taking care of customer emails and reviewing tickets from the TTI TAC, I jump into my day.  My normal day has a long list of possible tasks, from designing WLAN networks, designing wired networks, reviewing network deployment plans and configuration templates, conference calls to review wired/ wireless network designs, to mention just a few. The part that I enjoy the most about my job is helping customers to understand features and capabilities of the networks that we are installing for them,  and teaching them the “Black Magic” of how it all works.

– OK here’s another two part question. How long have you been with TTI and in which ways have you seen the company grow over this time?

I’ve been with TTI since 2003. TTI at that time solely provided in-house paging solutions primarily to hospitals and large warehouse facilities.  We were a paging company of 12 employees, but in the early to mid 2000’s, we diversified our product line and implemented wired/wireless divisions, which provided employee growth. As a result, today we are up to 43 employees. I’ve seen an expansion of an inside sales team dedicated to expanding our customer base. As for me, my role will continue to be providing a superior service to customers, even as our business continues to grow. This company has always had a large focus on being service oriented. It’s been a great to see TTI transform from just a paging company in the 90’s to one of the premier leaders in wireless solutions that it is today.

– In today’s world it has become a rarity to see an employee’s tenure last as long as yours. What are some of the reasons why you have stayed with TTI for as long as you have? 

It may sound a bit cliche’ but my primary reason for working nearly 14 years with TTI is the extended family environment that they’ve instilled. Even as the company has grown significantly, TTI has never lost its “mom and pop” business philosophy to our clients. Customers are never just a number and we strive to build long term relationships with them. Another thing that I love about our team is that we are allowed to grow to be our best without being micromanaged. TTI truly provides confidence, faith, and patience with all of their employees.

– Can you expand upon TTI’s company culture?

Surely. As I’ve stated earlier, TTI is one big extended family. As in big families there are disagreements but the clients best interest is never debated. Everyone’s ideas and opinions are heard. TTI is an open forum and I love being a part of it.

– Share with us your career highlights during your tenure at TTI.

For me, it’s been that TTI has been recognized by every Manufacturer that we sell, by being invited to Partner Advisory boards, whose spots are reserved for the elite partners in the industry.

– What are your goals for 2017 as TTI’s VP of Technical Services?

It’s all about increasing our customer base with satisfied customers. We can achieve this by continuing our focus on providing the best customer support possible. As a result, we anticipate that our clients will choose to extend TTI’s warranty services once their initial contract is up.

We’d like to take this moment to thank Chris for taking time out of his busy schedule to sit down with us to discuss these topics. If you have any questions on finding your network solution contact a TTI team member today!

By Craig Badrick

August 2, 2016

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