6 Tips for Training Your Employees to Use Your School Security Alarm Systems

The same thing happens with our school security alarm systems. Every day, we see them in the offices and hallways, without ever really paying attention to them. Then, when those security systems are actually needed, nobody readily remembers exactly where they are or how to use them.

There is only one way to prevent familiarity blindness and assure that your employees will know exactly where to go and what to do if an emergency situation presents itself: you have to train well and retrain often. Here are some tips for training workers on using your security alarms.

1. Choose the Right School Security Alarm System

A well-designed system will be easy to use and difficult to disable. For instance, a wired system is all too easy to disable simply by cutting a wire. Wireless systems can’t be disabled that way, and the best systems offer smart features that are simple to use, including the ability to determine where an emergency situation is on campus so that workers don’t waste valuable time looking.

2. Assign a Safety Manager

The safety manager might be the school principal, the head custodian, or a security guard, but there needs to be a single person ‘in charge’ of the system. That person will oversee training, answer questions, assure that the system is properly maintained, regularly test the system, etc.

3. Create Clear, Concise Documentation and Make It Available

Documentation is essential for a regular reminder. Make documentation clear, easy to understand, thorough, and readily available to all employees. The best policy is to give all workers a handbook containing the detailed documentation, along with a quick ‘cheat sheet’ listing only the most important how-to information that can serve as an easy reminder in an emergency.

4. Provide Initial Training and Reinforce It Regularly with Supplemental Training

When the system is new, a school-wide training session needs to be held to demonstrate how it works, explain its features and functionality, and train everyone. This is the best time to hand out your documentation so that your staff has a chance to ask questions.

5. Conduct Regular Drills

No matter how good the documentation and initial training is, people will forget. They will forget what features they have access to or even how to operate the system. Regular drills do more than refresh employees on how to use the system, they also serve to keep safety and security on the forefront of everyone’s minds.

6. Develop an Onboarding Process for New Employees

Part of the process to onboard new hires should include training on the school security alarm system. Be sure that they receive copies of all your documentation and have a chance to participate in a drill to see how it all works in actual practice.

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By Craig Badrick

July 7, 2016

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