7 Benefits of Using Managed IT Services

An IT department is no longer something you can wait to add. From the infantile startup to the massive enterprise, IT equipment and services are essential. But the hardware and personnel aren’t cheap, and in many environments, the right talent can be difficult to come by.

How can you stay lean and agile while capitalizing on all of the business perks technology has to offer? Managed IT services are your answer. Here are the top benefits of choosing these services in lieu of building or expanding in-house IT solutions.

1. Reduces Network Overhead

When it comes to the latest tech innovations like managing big data or accommodating a mobile workforce, it is far easier, faster, and cheaper to get managed services than to try to do all of that in-house.

The costs of running a network are many. In addition to the equipment, you also have to have networking professionals to install and manage the infrastructure. There are compatibility issues, security issues, end-user experience issues, and more to contend with, and that’s just what it takes when everything is going fine. Costs can seriously skyrocket if something goes wrong, such as a network outage or a breach by intruders. Managed IT services can deliver a fully-functional network without all of the expensive overhead.

2. Increases Network Services and Expertise

In many areas, it can be hard or impossible to come by the networking expertise you need in house. Some companies just can’t afford a full-time staff, while many regions are experiencing a severe IT talent shortage. With managed IT services, you can get high-level networking services and top-notch expertise without the hiring and budgeting to back it up.

3. Supports Growth in Real Time Without Ramp-Up

Growing pains are not just a myth — companies that experience rapid and significant growth seriously struggle to ramp up their IT infrastructure to match their expansion. Often, forking over that much cash up front can seriously cripple the organization. Managed IT services allow you to keep pace with new customers and expansion without the extraordinary costs of building an IT department too.

4. Exposure to More Advanced and Emerging Technologies

Even the most stable, profitable organizations have trouble keeping up with today’s innovations. Providing mobile network access, taking on big data, and offering e-commerce options is hard, and today’s customers aren’t waiting around for those companies that are struggling to keep up. Managed IT services allow you to deliver the latest technologies for a fraction of the cost of doing it with in-house equipment and staff.

5. Keeps Network Infrastructure Up to Date

Network speeds that were impressive a few years ago are entirely inadequate now. Similarly, security measures that were cutting edge last year are utterly outdated this year. Networking is constantly evolving, but with managed IT services you can always get access to the latest and greatest without ponying up the big bucks.

6. Monitoring of Critical Systems

As quickly as mainstream IT is advancing, it pales in comparison to the speed at which malware developers and other hackers have developed. Security is now a full-time job for a seasoned expert. Additionally, applications are increasingly complex, requiring continual monitoring and updates. While these complexities build, business is less tolerant of downtime than ever before. A few hours’ outage could cost tens of thousands of dollars, perhaps more. Managed IT services give you access to qualified personnel for 24-7 monitoring without the cost of all that new software and talent.

7. Cost Savings

Managed IT services mean you do not have to choose between high quality and great price. You can get exceptional value by gaining access to the latest technologies while closely managing the costs associated with the products you choose.

Perhaps of all the reasons to consider managed IT services is the cost savings. There are so many essential IT investments today and so little money to cover them all. Budgets are ever tighter, while businesses are forced to do more with less. These services cost a fraction what in-house solutions do, without sacrificing anything in terms of flexibility, service, or control.

Are you ready to get more for less with managed IT services? Request a quote at Turn-key Technologies today.

By Craig Badrick


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