Announcing Our Partnership with Verkada

Our new partnership with Verkada is bringing powerful, intuitive security solutions to our customers.

During a time when businesses are more concerned with safety and operational organization than ever, Turn-key Technologies, Inc. (TTI) is excited to announce a partnership with Verkada. Industry experts across the country have chosen Verkada’s hybrid cloud solution to improve security and simplify management, and we’re eager to begin offering these products to our customers. From intuitive software and sophisticated hardware to AI-enabled capabilities such as face search and heatmaps, Verkada is setting a new standard in video security for the modern enterprise.

While smart camera technologies continue to advance and shake up a number of industries, Verkada is leading the way with infinitely scalable security solutions. By focusing on software that constantly pushes the envelope of what’s possible, their products can save customers money while providing greater visibility into their organizations than ever before.

The Advantages of a Hybrid Cloud Solution

As a hybrid cloud solution, Verkada products offer a range of benefits that make it an ideal solution for customers of any size — but a particularly exciting solution for businesses that need security at scale.

Traditional on-premises solutions require a variety of components that all have to communicate seamlessly for your system to work. At minimum, your camera systems will need either a digital video recorder or network video recorder, as well as a VMS solution for analytics. In contrast, Verkada’s hybrid cloud solution consists of just two line items: a camera and a license. This simplicity makes for easier management and fewer possible points of failure.

Conversely, a pure cloud video surveillance system has its own disadvantages. Although complex computational tasks are moved to the cloud for increased camera security and efficiency, you risk losing footage in the event of an internet outage. With a Verkada hybrid cloud security camera system, you get the best of both worlds with a cloud video surveillance storage solution and an on-site solution. Verkada cameras feature up to 120 days of built-in video storage that can be viewed locally on the network when faced with an internet failure.

The hybrid cloud solution does not require any additional software to operate each new camera, which means it’s incredibly scalable. This also means shorter set-up times so you can start monitoring your environment right away. To top it off, Verkada’s bandwidth-friendly cameras only use 20-50KB per second — around the bandwidth that’s used when sending an email — so you never have to worry about your cameras slowing you down as you grow.

Adapting to Changing Circumstances

When we talk about Verkada’s software benefits, it’s also crucial to mention that its rolling upgrades allow you to have a video security system built specifically for the circumstances of today. With Verkada, users not only get one of the most powerful security solutions on the market — they also get a solution that constantly improves itself as new software releases get pushed out. Unlike other manufacturers who might make you pay for upgrades, you automatically get the latest features at no additional costs.

This is especially important in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has highlighted how Verkada’s software updates adapt to changing environmental factors. As the world begins to think about what a return to some semblance of normalcy might look like, your video surveillance system will stay one step ahead by finding new ways to prioritize employee safety. To meet social distancing and contact tracing needs, new features include Face Search, People Heatmaps, and Crowd Notifications. Regardless of your circumstances, Verkada’s smart security solution can help you meet your needs.

Making the Most of Powerful Technology

With all of the benefits we’ve laid out above, you want to ensure that your business is implementing Verkada products in a way that allows you to take full advantage. When bringing on a new solution, it’s important that you get it right the first time so you can hit the ground running. Now that TTI is proud to be a Verkada partner, you can receive the same services you know and love — plus easy installation of your new Verkada solution so that you can reap maximum benefits from the get-go.

By Craig Badrick


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