Gaining Full Visibility Into Your Environment With the Verkada SV11

Go beyond smart cameras to get complete visibility into your spaces with Verkada’s new all-in-one environmental sensor, the SV11.

Any business, no matter its size or function, needs to make sure that its systems and spaces are safe and functional in order to succeed. While that may look different for different types of organizations, that simple aim is universal. It is because of that universal importance that technology companies are constantly working to develop products designed to increase visibility and control into their customers’ environments. That visibility can help businesses meet specific needs, like protecting against thefts and break-ins, preventing property damage due to unexpectedly high temperatures, or intercepting illegal activities like smoking on company property.

Nowadays, smart camera technologies are constantly growing in popularity, with new solutions shaking up a number of industries. However, smart cameras tend to focus on providing visual insights. By combining smart cameras with other powerful solutions like environmental sensors, companies can gain 360 degree visibility into their surroundings. In other words, all-in-one environmental sensors are redefining the concept of visibility by bringing you information beyond what a smart camera alone can detect.


Beyond Visual Insights

The new Verkada SV11 is a cloud-based all-in-one sensor designed to monitor environmental changes across an organization’s facilities. The SV11 has a collection of powerful embedded sensors that let the device simultaneously monitor real-time changes in categories like air quality, humidity, temperature, noise, and motion. Companies across a range of industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, education, retail, and hospitality, have deployed the SV11 to monitor:

  • Temperature and Humidity: Track changes in temperature and humidity that could damage valuable materials, infrastructure, or even food and medical supplies.
  • Air Quality: Protect your environments against invisible threats like chemical leaks and gas.
  • Motion and Occupancy: Detect occupancy or motion in private areas where cameras are not appropriate, like bathrooms and locker rooms.
  • Noise Levels: Monitor disturbances or activity without violating individuals’ privacy.

Whenever an irregularity is detected in any of these categories, the SV11 can immediately send an automated notification to the appropriate parties to trigger further investigation. Users can also set customized thresholds for each of their sensor feeds and configure recipients for real-time SMS or email alerts.


The Power of the Verkada SV11

By providing system administrators with powerful tools to proactively monitor facilities, businesses can stay on top of issues as they arise — rather than playing catch-up once the damage is done.

Marty Oliver, Director of Technology at Godley Independent School District, was able to take advantage of the SV11 by installing sensors across campus in areas that are generally difficult to monitor, like bathrooms. Because such areas are unlikely to have cameras, they often become hot spots for inappropriate activity such as vaping or smoking. “Paired with Verkada’s video monitoring solution,” he said, “the SV11 provides a new level of visibility into what’s happening in those spaces without infringing on students’ privacy, giving principals, superintendents, and office administrators a more holistic understanding of student activity.”

Environmental sensors can also provide far-reaching benefits in areas like food manufacturing and facility maintenance. Rick Palandro, Security and Facilities Operations Engineer at law firm Fox Rothschild LLP, decided to deploy SV11 sensors in network closets. “I’m now able to [remotely] receive and manage alert notifications the moment temperature rises above a specific threshold,” Palandro says. “I can instantly mobilize the team to respond to HVAC issues. We’ve shifted from a reactive approach that often resulted in damaged equipment to a proactive one that ensures our equipment is always operating properly.”


Get the Most Out of Your Environmental Sensors

To gain the highest degree of visibility into an environment, the SV11 should be used as part of a comprehensive ecosystem. By pairing SV11 sensors with Verkada cameras through the Verkada Command platform, camera and sensor data can be correlated to provide helpful video footage context to any environmental changes and incidents.

However, we understand that implementing and managing an ecosystem of new security products alongside your existing day-to-day operations can be overwhelming. To hit the ground running and start reaping the benefits right away, Turn-key Technologies, Inc. (TTI) can be the ideal partner to help you gain unprecedented visibility with the new Verkada SV11.

If you are interested in learning more about what sensor and camera solutions might be right for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to the specialists at TTI. We can discuss your needs and guide you toward the perfect custom solution. By working with us to deploy Verkada sensors, your business will be better equipped to create the safe and functional spaces necessary for success.

By Robert Elgart


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