Aruba ESP in K-12 Education

The Benefits of Aruba ESP for K-12 School Districts

Since COVID-19 disrupted our sense of normal, K-12 decision-makers have been forced to become more flexible than ever before. Whether schools are remote, in-person, or in some kind of hybrid environment, K-12 technology leaders need to be sure they offer their schools a platform to support their curriculum. Enter: Aruba ESP. 

Aruba ESP is the ideal platform for 21st-century learning in K-12 schools.  

Aruba’s Wi-Fi 6 infrastructure provides lightning fast speed for modern campus networks. With reliable connectivity, schools can support students and staff as they adjust to hybrid learning styles.

Aruba ESP’s zero-trust security solution uses dynamic segmentation to separate and control student, administrative, and device traffic with perimeter-less protection that can be applied to wired, wireless, and WAN networks.

Aruba ESP leverages the latest developments in AI to reduce downtime, mitigate issues, suggest optimizations, and enhance user experience, meaning your teachers and administrators can focus on what they do best without ever having to worry about the network keeping up. 


Finding the Best Solutions for Your School’s Network

The best way to understand your network’s unique needs and challenges is to work with a trusted partner like Turn-Key Technologies, Inc. (TTI). TTI partners with innovative companies like Aruba to provide state of the art technology as well as an expert managed services team who can help you get the most out of your solutions. Contact our team today to learn more about what your school can accomplish with edge computing. 


By Tony Ridzyowski


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