How Supply Chain Issues Are Impacting Critical Systems Upgrades

Innovative as-a-service solutions are allowing industry leaders to operate without a hiccup, and overcome the impact of persisting supply chain disruptions.

It would be an understatement to say that the information technology sector has seen its fair share of challenges over the last two years. Navigating an unprecedented landscape marked by a global pandemic and supply chain breakdowns hasn’t been easy for any industry to continue operating at full capacity. For many businesses, until these global headwinds die down, surviving this turbulent period — let alone being in a position to come out ahead — will ultimately come down to their ability to adapt to a “new normal.”

Many critical IT upgrades and other projects have been delayed, set back, and negatively impacted by supply chain issues. In order to bridge operating gaps brought on by supply chain bottlenecks, forward-looking businesses have begun turning to AAS (as a service) solutions. AAS solutions allow industry leaders across logistics, warehousing, government, and education to optimize operational efficiencies and stay one step ahead of potential supply chain problems.


Why Are So Many IT Projects Delayed in 2022?

We never said the truth doesn’t hurt. The primary reason driving IT project delays continues to remain the same: a semiconductor shortage persists worldwide. IT projects and network devices aren’t alone in facing this headwind — semiconductor bottlenecks continue to plague everything from videogame consoles to automobiles and heavy machinery.

The situation has gotten so bleak that some large industrial firms have begun to take unprecedented measures. A tech conglomerate was recently alleged to have purchased washing machines with one buying objective: to strip these washing machines of their valuable processors, which are sourced from rare earth materials that remain in short supply today.


IT Upgrades You Can Accomplish Right Now

Global supply chain breakdowns test the resilience of warehouses and logistics companies — those ill-equipped or unprepared to streamline and upgrade internal operations will inevitably struggle to survive. TTI provides a number of innovative IT solutions that propel warehouses to overcome supply chain gaps. AAS solutions, in particular, help boost in-and-out flow to keep your link in the chain firing on all cylinders.

TTI offers an array of AAS solutions that make it easy for you to rise above any supply-chain turbulence and operate a state-of-the-art facility.

  • Wireless as a Service

TTI’s Wireless as a Service solutions are inspired with two objectives in mind: speed and security. TTI not only brings faster wireless connectivity to your physical worksites but installs safeguards that leave your network more impenetrable against cyber threats. Whether it’s designing a wireless network from scratch that’s tailor-made to your business’ needs or fortifying your existing wireless networks, TTI helps keep your connections safe, secure, fast, and reliable.

  • Wired as a Service

TTI’s Wired as a Service solutions are designed to facilitate seamless physical connection across your organization — without any issues getting in the way. TTI’s team diligently monitors your wired networks and provides ongoing analysis to ensure you’re never alone. You have our team of experts behind you, assisting you every step of the way to make sure your critical systems stay up and running.

  • Analytics as a Service

A proactive IT system is the key to eliminating network disruptions and reducing downtime. TTI’s Analytics as a Service powers optimized network performance. Cutting-edge network insights, metrics, behavior reporting, and upkeep will keep you informed and take your workflows to the next level. And from a cost standpoint, outsourcing your network analytics frees up valuable resources, saving you time and money.

  • Cybersecurity as a Service

Many businesses, including warehouses, are struggling to keep pace with the latest wave of cyber threats. Warehouses that rely on internal WMS and logistics systems, in particular, remain prone to security risks and are easy targets for cybercriminals. TTI constantly monitors the evolving threat landscape to ensure warehouses can remain one step ahead of any online adversaries. With the most proven cybersecurity solutions on the market that keep you protected from data breaches, your company can minimize cyber risk and sleep easily.

  • Physical Security as a Service

Physical security measures should fulfill two primary objectives: they should protect your assets and keep your personnel safe on-site. TTI sources the most effective physical security solutions on the market. Our experts can help equip your facility with a high-definition surveillance system tailored to scale in accordance with your needs. Warehouses are wise to minimize business risk and bolster security measures by investing in advanced security monitoring solutions such as sophisticated cameras, smart sensors, and detection systems.


Forecasting the Future of IT Hardware Upgrades

Although the hardware/chipset shortages persist, that doesn’t mean the news is all bad. On the positive side, things seem to be slowly but surely easing on the consumer side. After a two-year period marked by graphic card (GPUs) prices eclipsing all-time highs, numerous factors — such as the arrival of Intel’s Arc GPU and as well as other more cost-effective cards — point to a sustained dip in GPU prices lasting through 2022. A recent uptick in chip production manufacturing may also help to ease the impact of supply chain headwinds and offset the global semi-conductor shortage in the short term. But even with these positive developments, it doesn’t mean we’re quite out of the woods yet — far from it.


What’s Next for Warehousing and Logistics Companies?

A 360-degrees approach is required to overcome global tech shortages and ensure your critical systems remain secure not just today, but into the future too. As a trusted IT provider, TTI has built a long track record of taking on obstacles headfirst — and coming out on top. When TTI partners with warehouses and leaders in logistics, education, and government, we design, implement, and manage integrated upgrades across all systems.

By leveraging TTI’s priority access to the latest, most secure networking solutions on the market, your business can rise above persisting supply chain issues. TTI’s best-in-class hardware offerings and software solutions drive value — working for you, not against you.

To learn more about we can deliver solutions tailor-made for your organization’s needs, speak with our team today!

By Tony Ridzyowski


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