TTI offers IT solutions to support warehouse and supply chain innovation.


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Network Growth

Support necessary network growth in a rapidly changing digital era.

The Solution

The supply chain and logistics industry is entering a 21st century industrial revolution. With IoT-driven solutions like sensors, RFID tags, wearables, and smart cameras transforming the supply chain, CIOs are tasked with upgrading and managing more complex networks than ever. At TTI, we understand that transforming your network has the power to enable emerging technologies and impact your bottom line. That’s why our services are flexible, built-to-scale, and carried out with your business in mind.
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Wired Network

Adapt to new challenges as wearables enter the workplace.

The Solution

Warehouses often rely on operational technology that requires a robust wired network infrastructure. To implement an effective wired network installation that supports the foundation of your warehouse, you need the best engineers by your side to design an infrastructure fit for both the physical and digital particulars of your warehouse. Our award-winning engineers have experience designing and deploying top-notch wired networks to maximize network speeds and bandwidth in your facilities.
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Modern Security

Internal warehouse systems are struggling to keep up with emerging cyber threats.

The Solution

With the continuous increase of cyber crime in recent years, warehouses have become an easy target. Being reliant on internal WMS and logistics systems makes warehouse particularly prone to security risks. To protect warehouses from a data breach, it’s critical that CIOs install and enforce adequate security systems and policies to keep their businesses safe. At TTI, we understand the threat landscape and are equipped to support new cybersecurity measures and training.



Lone Worker Systems

Increase employee safety across a range of industries by deploying a lone worker security system.

Wireless Design

We’ll help you build a wireless network tailor-made to your enterprise and its needs.

Network Analytics

Avoid network disruptions and downtime with a proactive IT system.

Camera Systems

Protect assets and personnel with a high-definition surveillance system designed to scale with your needs.