The First Step Toward Improving Your Business Network

If businesses were ships, the business network would be the mast. No business gets where it’s going nowadays without a well-working business network. Is yours delivering lots of latency, poor security, and user frustration, instead of steering the ship where it ought to go? Then your first step is a wired network assessment. What can such an assessment of your wired network do for your business? You’ll be surprised!

Improve Your Business Network With a Wired Network Assessment

Improve Security

Whether you’re guarding proprietary secrets, high-value intellectual properties, or a database filled with your customers’ most sensitive personal data, keeping it secure is paramount. You read a lot about the costs of data breaches to businesses (some estimates are as high as nearly $8,000 per minute), but what you don’t see much about is the untold costs: the damages to the company’s reputation, the lost business from customers who no longer trust the company, and the legal and public relations costs of offering reparations to those damaged by the breach. Some of those losses can’t be counted in dollars and cents. A wired network assessment is the first step in identifying the areas where security needs to be improved.

Maximize Productivity

What if every worker in the company could shave 10 seconds off the time they spend waiting for the lagging network every hour? Those seconds quickly add up to minutes, and minutes soon become hours, and as high as labor costs are these days, those hours quickly turn into big bucks. A wired network assessment identifies the bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your network. It pinpoints outdated wiring, cabling, and equipment, and puts the spotlight on the causes of latency that cost your workers those valuable seconds that turn into minutes that become expensive, unproductive hours.

Improve Employee Morale

Many industries are having a difficult time retaining their top talent. While there are usually plenty of job seekers, most industries struggle to find ideal candidates with the skills, training, education and experience needed to fill important positions. Every time a worker leaves, they take valuable insight, experience, and company knowledge with them. Often, they take that knowledge straight to one of your competitors. One of the key issues in employee retention is employee morale. If your network is frustratingly slow and inefficient, it is bound to affect morale, which in turn will negatively impact your ability to retain those great workers.

But you can solve all of these issues with a wired network assessment. An assessment will document your current fiber connectivity and copper wiring, as well as your networking equipment, logical network, etc. It lists all of the physical installations, VLANs, routing, services, and more. The assessment can be specific to the vendors you use (or would like to use), or vendor agnostic. After the assessment is complete, you will have a holistic view of your current network, its strengths, weaknesses, and areas where improvement is needed. Using this information, you can optimize your current network or develop a new network architecture that meets the needs of your business, its valuable workers, and other stakeholders in the organization.

What are you waiting for? Get started boosting productivity, improving security, and making your workers happier today. Just contact us to request a quote.

By Craig Badrick


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