HPE Aruba Networking AP Trade-up Program

The HPE Aruba Networking AP Trade-Up Program, initiated by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, enables businesses to enhance their wireless infrastructure by trading in older access points for the latest Aruba technology. This cost-effective program offers significant discounts on new equipment while delivering technological benefits by providing access to some of the most advanced networking technology available. Participants in this program enjoy improved network performance, enhanced security features, and extensive coverage, making it an excellent choice for any business aiming to future-proof their network infrastructure.

TL;DR: The HPE Aruba Networking AP Trade-Up Program enables businesses to economically enhance their wireless networks by trading in old access points for advanced Aruba technology. This program improves network efficiency, increases security, promotes environmental sustainability, and is available to both existing Aruba customers and new clients using equipment from other vendors.

What is the HPE Aruba Networking AP Trade-Up Program?

The HPE Aruba Networking AP Trade-Up Program, offered by Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, helps businesses upgrade their wireless infrastructure. This program allows organizations to trade in older access points for newer models, benefiting both existing Aruba customers and new clients with equipment from other vendors. It offers significant discounts on the latest Aruba technology, making it both cost-effective and technologically beneficial.

Choosing Aruba through this program provides access to advanced networking technology. Aruba's access points are recognized for strong security, reliable connectivity, and broad coverage, suitable for various environments from small offices to large campuses. Additionally, Aruba's solutions feature AI-driven analytics and automation, improving user experience and streamlining network management. These capabilities make investing in Aruba a strategic move for businesses looking to future-proof their network infrastructure.

Benefits of Participating in the Trade-Up Program

The HPE Aruba Networking AP Trade-Up Program provides several advantages, including significant cost savings. Businesses can trade in old or outdated access points, even from competitors, for advanced Aruba products. This offers an affordable way to upgrade network infrastructure with substantial discounts on new equipment, easing budget constraints. The program not only cuts initial costs but also lowers long-term operational expenses by enhancing network efficiency and reducing maintenance needs.

Improved network performance is another major benefit. Upgrading to the latest Aruba APs enables businesses to achieve faster, more reliable wireless connectivity, essential for handling a high volume of devices and data-heavy applications in today’s digital workplaces. These newer APs also feature advanced security protocols that guard against current cyber threats, strengthening the organization’s security stance.

Additionally, the Trade-Up Program promotes environmental sustainability. Aruba encourages recycling of old hardware, helping companies reduce electronic waste and align with global green initiatives. This not only helps with compliance to environmental regulations but also boosts a company’s image as a responsible corporate citizen. For businesses aiming to modernize their IT infrastructure, the HPE Aruba Networking AP Trade-Up Program presents a practical, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solution.

Eligibility and Requirements

The HPE Aruba Networking AP Trade-Up Program is tailored to help businesses upgrade their network capabilities with the latest Aruba technology. To qualify, companies must have existing wireless access points they wish to upgrade, either from Aruba or any other brand, making the program widely accessible for those looking to improve their network infrastructure.

To participate, companies must first verify that their current APs are eligible for a trade-up by comparing them against a list of approved products from HPE Aruba. The process generally begins with a consultation with an HPE Aruba partner who provides detailed information about eligible equipment and potential trade-in values. This consultation ensures that businesses understand the program terms and the advantages of upgrading their old APs to newer, more efficient models.

Once eligibility is confirmed, companies must adhere to specific requirements during the trade-up process. These include providing accurate details about the condition of their current APs and agreeing to terms set by the HPE Aruba program, which may involve environmentally responsible disposal of the traded-in hardware. By fulfilling these requirements, companies not only upgrade to more advanced technology but also support sustainable practices by recycling their old equipment properly.

How to Participate in this Hewlett Packard Enterprise Program

Participating in the HPE Aruba Networking AP Trade-Up Program provides a streamlined and cost-effective way for businesses to upgrade their wireless network infrastructure. To start, businesses should assess their existing network equipment to ensure it meets the eligibility criteria on the HPE Aruba website. Eligible equipment includes qualifying brand and model access points that are in good working condition, as these factors determine the trade-in value.

Once eligibility is confirmed, the next step is to contact an authorized HPE Aruba partner. These partners offer detailed insights into the trade-up process, recommend the best new Aruba products to meet specific business needs, and help maximize the benefits of the program. Preparation for the trade-in involves accounting for all old units, deactivating them from your network, and backing up necessary data and configurations for transfer to the new Aruba APs.

After preparing the old units, the partner will help manage the logistics of shipping the outdated equipment back, ensuring its proper environmental disposal, and setting up the new Aruba technology. Installation of new APs can be managed internally by your IT team or with support from HPE Aruba technicians, depending on your agreement and the complexity of your network setup. Through these steps, businesses can effectively upgrade to advanced networking technology, integrating powerful tools like AI-driven analytics to optimize network management and enhance overall performance.


The HPE Aruba Networking AP Trade-Up Program provides a comprehensive solution for businesses aiming to upgrade their wireless infrastructure in a cost-effective and sustainable way. By allowing organizations to trade in old access points for advanced Aruba technology, this program enhances network performance and security while also promoting environmental responsibility.

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