Webinar Recap: Turn-key Technologies and Aruba Explore SASE Solutions (October 18, 2023)

Couldn't catch the SASE webinar by Turnkey Technologies (TTI) and Aruba Networks on 10/18/23? No problem! Here's a comprehensive overview with all the key insights and main takeaways from the session.

The Evolving Network Landscape

The presenters kicked off the webinar by delving into the transformative impact of remote and hybrid work on connectivity needs. As employees increasingly operate outside the confines of the office and resources migrate to the cloud, traditional hub-and-spoke network models are no longer sufficient.

This evolving landscape necessitates a fresh approach to secure access, one that is centered around identity rather than mere location. And thus, SASE steps in to fill the void.

Diving Into the SASE Framework

During the webinar, the presenters provided a detailed explanation of SASE as the perfect union between SD-WAN and security services edge. SD-WAN takes care of the connectivity between different sites and branches, while the security services edge seamlessly integrates various offerings such as ZTNA, CASB, SWG, and more.

Aruba's Unified SASE Solution

Aruba stands apart from other solutions by offering a seamless and integrated SASE experience through the combination of EDGEconnect SD-WAN and their innovative Security Services Edge (SSE).

With the ability to manage crucial elements such as ZTNA, CASB, and SWG through a unified interface, Aruba ensures a consistent and comprehensive security policy across all distributed environments. This streamlined approach simplifies network management and enhances security measures for businesses of all sizes.

Optimizing the User Experience

The webinar presenters emphasized the significance of Aruba's global infrastructure and intelligent routing capabilities in enhancing performance. Leveraging over 500 edge locations, the SSE intelligently directs traffic, guaranteeing users fast and uninterrupted access, regardless of their location.

Modernizing Branch Infrastructure

Furthermore, the presenters shed light on the revolutionary capabilities of EDGEconnect in consolidating branch appliances, such as routers and firewalls, into a unified platform. This consolidation not only simplifies network management but also streamlines operations by allowing for centralized control and orchestration of multiple locations from a single headquarters. With built-in orchestration, businesses can optimize their branch infrastructure and enhance overall efficiency.

Overlays steer traffic based on business intent without backhauling everything to data centers. This improves user experience while reducing bandwidth costs.

Ready to Discuss Your SASE Needs?

With the ever-evolving network environments, SASE emerges as a forward-thinking solution to enable hybrid work models securely. Aruba's comprehensive SASE offerings empower IT teams to ensure distributed access through seamlessly integrated platforms like the Security Services Edge and EDGEconnect SD-WAN.

Curious to delve deeper into the expertise of industry leaders? Don't miss out on the opportunity to gain valuable insights directly from the experts themselves. Access the complete webinar recording now and expand your knowledge on this cutting-edge topic.


Contact the experts at Turnkey Technologies today to explore how Aruba's offerings can address your specific hybrid work requirements. From strategy to implementation, we provide full lifecycle guidance tailored to your environment and objectives.

By getting strategic insights now, you can confidently embark on your own SASE journey and secure your enterprise network for the hybrid future.

By Tony Ridzyowski


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