Aruba Zero-Trust Security

Cybersecurity for Modern Organizations


Don’t take it personally — Zero-Trust Security is something every organization should be utilizing to protect their networks and employees.

With the rise of remote work and the increasing sophistication of new cyber attack methods, traditional IT security protocols aren’t enough to ensure that companies, campuses, and school districts are protected.

So how can organizations meet the shifting needs of network users without opening themselves up to security threats? Aruba ESP is here to help with ClearPass Device Insight.


Aruba ESP ClearPass Device Insight

Aruba ESP is helping organizations integrate comprehensive, Zero-Trust Security practices at all access points. ClearPass Device Insight allows IT administrators to see all devices operating within the network, including IoT devices like cameras and sensors. By leveraging the latest in AI tech, Aruba ESP can screen for suspicious activity and block threats before they can gain access to data. And dynamic segmentation tools help reinforce security by only providing users with the information they need, whether that be students, educators, employees, or network administrators.

Aruba ESP also helps maintain security even as traditional perimeters are disrupted by remote work and distance learning. With ClearPass Device Insight’s VPN support network, organizations can extend networks to remote locations without opening them up to cybersecurity threats.

Zero-Trust Security is just one way one protecting your network. Working with a trusted partner like Turn-Key Technologies, Inc. (TTI) is the best way to understand and overcome your network’s unique risks. By partnering with innovative companies like Aruba, TTI is able to provide customized solutions and help organizations get the most out of their networks. Contact our team today to learn more about the benefits of Zero-Trust Security.

By Tony Ridzyowski


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