The Benefits of Aruba UXI

Aruba UXI can transform your organization by delivering valuable insights into the user experience. Learn more about the tool’s benefits in the second blog in our Aruba UXI series.

User experience can have a major impact on employees. A great user experience can result in more productive, happier, engaged, and, ultimately, loyal employees, while a sub-par one can hold employees back. Not only can poor user experience and poor application performance lead to late meetings and productivity loss, but it also consumes IT teams’ valuable time. Enter Aruba User Experience Insight (UXI).

Ready to discover the benefits of Aruba UXI? You’re in the right place. Welcome to blog 2 in our series on Aruba UXI, where we’ll go over exactly how this exciting new solution can benefit your organization. Before we dive in, if you haven’t read our first blog (or you just want a refresher), make sure to check out blog 1: An Introduction to Aruba UXI.

The Benefits of Aruba UXI

Aruba UXI delivers insights into the user experience that help you create better-performing networks and applications that keep your end-users more productive and more satisfied. But how exactly does it do that? Let’s take a closer look at six of Aruba UXI’s specific benefits. Aruba UXI can:

1. Help ensure your network and applications are available and high performing

An underperforming network or application can throw a real wrench in the wheel — not to mention the costs of a fully unavailable one! Luckily, Aruba UXI will continuously test network services and applications to discover problems as soon as they arise. If Aruba UXI detects an issue, it will make sure your IT staff knows exactly what’s happening by automatically creating a ticket, enabling them to resolve problems and improve user experience faster than ever.

2. Set baseline performance and help validate changes

Validating network changes can be tricky, but Aruba UXI makes it simple. Using machine learning algorithms, Aruba UXI can determine baseline network performance and problem thresholds and include that data on its easy-to-use dashboard. It will even provide PCAP files, making validating network changes even faster and easier for IT teams.

3. Reduce help desk calls

Help desk calls are an inevitable part of life for IT teams, but Aruba UXI’s AIOps-powered Incident Detection can significantly reduce the number of calls your IT team receives. Incident Detection automatically alerts your staff if a high-priority service is affected or your network experiences a problem. That allows IT teams to address these issues quickly, often before end-users even realize they occurred.

At the same time, Aruba UXI won’t constantly bombard your IT team with alerts. Instead, it will take your baselines into account and only alert you when there truly is a problem, ensuring your IT team doesn’t waste their time.

4. Provides greater visibility into network and application performance

One of the best things about Aruba UXI is the amount of visibility it provides. After all, if you don’t know what’s happening with your network or applications, you can’t make improvements to offer a better user experience.

Aruba UXI can proactively test your network and applications, working day and night to provide you with incredible visibility into the user experience. With so many insights from Aruba UXI, you are better able to proactively identify and fix issues with your network and applications, resulting in an improved user experience, fewer calls to your help desk, and less frustration all around.

Plus, Aruba UXI doesn’t make you jump through hoops to understand your network and applications. Its intuitive dashboard provides detailed performance metrics so you can understand your network and applications better. Additionally, its dashboard uses a traffic light theme, meaning you can understand a client’s experience using network services or applications at a glance.

If you miss something, don’t worry! Aruba stores the last thirty days of network performance data as well as PCAP files, meaning you can simply hit download and get caught up on all the historical data across your network and applications.

Aruba UXI can even create reports for your organization, enabling you to keep an eye on SLAs and XLAs. The system can deliver these upgraded reports based on monthly, weekly, or daily information — or even a specific date and time — allowing you to get the exact data you need.

5. Deliver insights into roaming and voice analysis

Aruba UXI isn’t just great for detecting and resolving issues with your organization’s network or applications. It can also monitor Zebra handheld Android devices. By gathering roaming and voice analysis data from these devices, Aruba UXI enables IT teams to pinpoint the location of issues for more targeted interventions.

6. Be vendor agnostic

What’s more, Aruba UXI is vendor agnostic, meaning it’s ready for anything. Instead of being restricted to one environment, you can deploy Aruba UXI anywhere! Plus, Aruba UXI can onboard onto any network and offers both wireless and wired testing on IPv4 and IPv6. Its UXI sensors will mimic end-users so you can clearly understand how users experience your network no matter what environment you’re in.

See Aruba UXI in Action

Organizations that don’t focus on user experience may have an unstable network and can expect employees to lose three hours of productivity per week due to delayed online meetings. Plus, they may lose $4,000 per day if their critical applications aren’t performing well, so it’s clear that paying attention to and optimizing user experience is non-negotiable for any organization that cares about its own success.

Aruba UXI is changing the game for organizations large and small. It can proactively monitor application and network performance, allowing you to take action and troubleshoot before end-users even notice something is wrong and ensure your network is ready for the future.

Turn-key Technologies, Inc. (TTI) is ready to set up Aruba UXI for you so you can start reaping all its benefits.

Contact us today to learn more and stay tuned for the next blog in our Aruba UXI series to learn more about the specific challenges that Aruba UXI can help you tackle!

By Tony Ridzyowski


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