Aruba UXI: An Asset for Every Industry

Aruba UXI can help organizations gain insights into user experience, meaning it can benefit countless industries. Discover which industries stand to benefit most from Aruba UXI in the final blog in our Aruba UXI series.

Many organizations overlook user experience, but that’s a big mistake! Providing employees with a good user experience can increase productivity and lower employee turnover rates. With a sub-par user experience, your employees may find themselves regularly experiencing late starts to online meetings due to network instability, making them less productive and causing your IT team to spend more time troubleshooting and less time focusing on strategic projects.

If you’ve been reading the previous blogs in our Aruba User Experience Insight (UXI) series, you already know this — and you’re well aware of the basics of Aruba UXI, the benefits of Aruba UXI, and the challenges Aruba UXI can help organizations tackle. In our final blog in the series, we’ll give you a better understanding of a few of the ways Aruba UXI can help organizations in various industries thrive.

7 Industries Where Aruba UXI Can Make A Major Difference

In today’s digital world, prioritizing user experience is crucial for businesses, regardless of industry. If you neglect paying attention to your user experience, you can expect to lose up to $4,000 per day in productivity loss due to poor critical application performance. On the other hand, you can have happier, more productive employees by focusing on providing an incredible user experience — and that means using Aruba User Experience Insight (UXI).

Capable of executing 30,000 tests per day, highlighting network issues within two minutes of deployment, and helping businesses save 20% per month, Aruba UXI is the ideal solution for many organizations across a variety of industries. Some top industries where using Aruba UXI can pay off include:

1. Universities

Higher education institutions need to have an optimized wireless network with sufficient bandwidth to meet growing device demands. Otherwise, students and teachers may lose valuable time waiting for websites and online applications to load, be unable to upload or download files when needed, communicate with one another, use their wearable tech, and more. They also need to ensure students and professors can access education applications across campus and around the clock. Imagine the school-wide panic if no one could connect to cloud applications to write papers or if people had difficulty connecting to Zoom for virtual classes! However, ensuring reliable connectivity is easier said than done, especially if you aren’t monitoring user experience.

Luckily, Aruba UXI can help, as its sensors execute over 30,000 tests each day to test critical applications’ availability and responsiveness. As a result, you can resolve issues faster and even prevent problems from escalating, ensuring smooth operations for students and professors across campus.

2. K-12

Like higher education institutions, K-12 districts require reliable networks. After all, teachers need to be able to plan their lessons, use their edtech solutions, and even monitor who is entering and leaving the school. None of that would be possible without a high-performing network. Enter Aruba UXI, a powerful solution that can benchmark network capacity and performance and facilitate the smooth implementation of 1:1 digital learning initiatives.

3. Healthcare

If you’re in healthcare, you know just how critical having reliable and strong connectivity is. Without access to a high-performing network, hospital teams can’t provide patients with the care they deserve. After all, not only will healthcare providers be unable to access patient records and communicate with one another when the network is down, but life-critical medical technologies will not work as intended to keep patients as safe and healthy as possible.

Aruba UXI can perform tests, detect incidents, ensure web apps are up and running, and even send alerts whenever anything goes wrong. You’ll gain peace of mind and be able to provide patients with quality care around the clock.

4. Hospitality

In the hospitality sector, guests expect everything to work perfectly as soon as they connect. After all, visitors will need access to the internet to check emails, stay in touch with friends, family, or work, stream their favorite shows or movies, and even call into virtual work meetings.

Delivering exceptional experiences can make or break a guest’s visit, impacting customer loyalty and your business’ overall success. You’ll want to ensure everything is streamlined, smooth, and enjoyable, from booking to check-out, meaning your web apps and captive portals must be firing on all cylinders — and Aruba UXI can help you achieve this type of seamless experience.

5. Manufacturing

When it comes to manufacturing, a high-quality user experience is non-negotiable. After all, the manufacturing industry has become increasingly reliant on automated processes and digital technologies. Without seamless connectivity, production processes, machine communication, and other manufacturing operations would slow down, costing your business money.

With Aruba UXI, you’ll have incredible insights into exactly what’s happening on your network. Not only will you be able to see when your IoT devices are unable to connect, but you’ll also be able to maintain access to critical applications, monitor issues remotely, and detect and resolve network issues faster than ever. Ultimately, Aruba UXI can help you streamline operations, improve efficiency, and gain a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving industry.

6. Public venues

If you have a large public venue, you need to ensure dependable network coverage. This is important for logistics, such as online registration, crowd management, staff communication, or ticketing, as well as security solutions, such as smart cameras or interoperable security systems. Plus, attendees will want to engage in interactive activities, live streaming, mobile purchases, and social media meaning you need to stay on top of your network to keep crowds happy.

Aruba UXI’s sensors can test your Wi-Fi and Ethernet performance and monitor connectivity, bandwidth, packet loss, and more — enabling you to better understand your network, take action when it falls short, and ultimately deliver memorable experiences that keep customers coming back for years.

7. Enterprises

These days, enterprises need to support a lot of devices. Not only are employees bringing their personal devices to work, but IoT devices are also becoming increasingly popular, meaning having consistent, fast connectivity is a must. On top of that, many workers are staying home, adding an additional layer of complexity to network monitoring.

That’s where Aruba UXI can help. Aruba UXI’s Incident Detection feature can detect and alert your IT team if an application or your network are experiencing problems, allowing you to take action quickly (sometimes even before end-users realize anything is wrong) and reduce the number of help desk calls your team has to deal with. Plus, Aruba UXI can provide insights into remote sites, allowing you to keep an eye on network connectivity, application accessibility, and more at branch offices, even if you don’t have any on-site IT personnel.

Dive Into Aruba UXI Today

Regardless of your industry, understanding and meeting user expectations, streamlining processes, and creating delightful interactions are key to staying competitive in today’s increasingly digital and connected world. Whether you’re in the healthcare, education, or hospitality industries, you need to focus on providing the best possible user experience — and that means using Aruba UXI, a powerful solution that can provide proactive monitoring and actionable insights.

If you’ve realized just how beneficial Aruba UXI can be over the course of our blog series and are ready to start creating exceptional user experiences for your employees, customers, and other stakeholders, Turn-key Technologies, Inc. (TTI) is ready to help! At TTI, we have decades of IT experience. With our help, you’ll soon have a network that can keep up with whatever you throw at it — and Aruba UXI will be there to help you monitor everything.

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By Tony Ridzyowski


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