Meet Spectralink: The Leader in Enterprise Mobility Technology

Having high-quality, reliable communication is a must for mobile workers, but many have had to go without it due to a simple lack of available products. With Spectralink, that becomes a problem of the past.

No matter the industry or the position, communication is vital. It’s particularly crucial for workers on the go who often need to share messages quickly with people who are in a completely different part of the space. Without reliable, clear communication methods, the chances of delays or mistakes due to missing information are high when dealing with a mobile workforce. These mistakes can prove incredibly costly. In a hospital setting, a lack of proper communication among nurses and doctors could easily result in fatal patient or medication mix-ups. Even in non-life-or-death situations, poor and unreliable communication can negatively impact business.

Unfortunately, mobile workers often don’t have access to the tools that ease their desk-based counterparts’ jobs, creating a ripple effect that ultimately results in lower productivity and retention rates. For a long time, this was a problem without a solution due to a lack of quality mobility tools on the market. Luckily, that’s not the case anymore.

Mobility solutions, like those offered by Spectralink, have changed the game. These solutions give workers the tools to do their jobs better and faster, resulting in increased productivity and customer and employee satisfaction. With over 30 years of experience, Spectralink is more than capable of delivering quality enterprise mobility solutions that improve everything from productivity to turnover rates.


All About Spectralink’s Products

Spectralink offers several products, including phones, servers, and analytics platforms, that drastically improve the lives of mobile workers.

Spectralink’s business phones, the centerpiece of their enterprise mobility offering, are comprehensive, reliable, durable, equipped with leading voice quality, and built with mobility in mind. These phones come in a couple of different varieties.

Lightweight yet sturdy, Spectralink’s Wi-Fi phones feature stunning voice quality and integration with several industry-specific mobile applications in addition to Microsoft, Zoom, Cisco, RingCentral, Imprivata, Avaya, HP Aruba, and countless other partners and mobile applications, helping teams stay connected with access to essential information while on the move. From the Versity 96 Smartphone to the 84 Series Wi-Fi Feature Phone, there’s something for everyone.

Spectralink’s enterprise DECT handsets and servers also have plenty to offer. In addition to integrating with leading UC platforms, DECT solutions also integrate with alarms, messaging platforms, and third-party applications to help keep workers safe. Plus, they offer the same reliable connections and security as Spectralink’s Wi-Fi phones. Even better, since DECT servers can scale alongside your business, you won’t outgrow DECT — whether you have 400 or 98,000 users.

In addition to its devices, Spectralink also offers a mobile analytics platform, Advanced Mobile Intelligence for Enterprises (AMIE), which makes managing Spectralink phones and IP-DECT infrastructure a breeze. AMIE is simple to deploy and makes diagnosing problems and managing devices from a centralized location easier than ever.


What Does Enterprise Mobility with Spectralink Look Like

Reliable calling from Wi-Fi phones, superior voice quality, plenty of integration options, and a powerful mobile analytics platform may all sound great, but what does all of this look like in practice? Obviously it depends somewhat on the specific organization, but here are a few industry-specific examples.

In the healthcare industry, using Spectralink puts all the necessary mobility tools straight into medical workers’ hands, resulting in improved clinical safety, response times, and patient outcomes. Instead of wondering what’s happening, workers can stay in touch via voice or messaging and access accurate electronic health records and treatment documentation in moments using a simple barcode scan without leaving their patient’s side. Workers can even receive patient alerts and access 35 leading healthcare applications right from their Spectralink device, all while resting easy under enterprise-class security. It’s no wonder that 1,200 healthcare customers rely on Spectralink to stay connected and receive important information while on the move!

Likewise, in education, Spectralink keeps staff and students connected. Given that high school and college educators spend their days moving from classroom to classroom, mobile communication tools are a must. In the time of COVID-19 and virtual classes, staying connected has never been more critical — or more difficult. Spectralink offers high-quality, efficient communication that will keep teachers, safety officers, and other staff members connected and productive, whether they’re facing COVID-19 or a security threat.

When it comes to manufacturing, Spectralink’s products help ensure operations run smoothly. Workers can move around the plant without losing contact with the people, data, and tools they need to do their jobs. If an accident happens and an employee is running or hasn’t moved in a specific time, their Spectralink device will detect that there’s an issue and automatically send an emergency alert. Thanks to Spectralink’s mobility solutions, people can work in perfect sync, response times will be shorter, downtime will be minimized, and production can be faster and safer.


Spectralink: Empowering Mobile Communication Across Industries

Spectralink is transforming what urgent messaging and communication look like, delivering enterprise mobility like never before. With award-winning voice quality, durable devices, and integrations with leading partners and applications, Spectralink makes staying connected and informed simple so you and your team can thrive.

Ready to get started with Spectralink? Turn-key Technologies, Inc. (TTI) is the perfect partner to help you implement Spectralink’s amazing products. We are a full-service provider for Spectralink enterprise mobility solutions, which means we’ll handle the infrastructure, workflows, and device implementation that empower your workers to perform their best — whether at a desk or not. Not only do we know all the ins and outs of Spectralink’ but we also have 30 years of IT experience, so you know you’re in the best hands with us.

Contact us today to learn more about Spectralink and how it can help your business!

By Tony Ridzyowski


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